DNA of a person proves to be one of the important components of a sperm. DNA has the authority for holding the instructions that will make the child act and look like parents. Sometimes damage can be caused in the production and transportation of the sperm, which is known to be sperm DNA fragmentation. But a person needs to keep a thing in mind that damaged sperm is not only responsible for DNA fragmentation, sometimes healthy sperm can contribute towards the same. One of the main things that matter is the amount of fragmentation. Sperm DNA fragmentation can be explored more in sub-fertile men who contain irregular sperm parameters.
High sperm DNA fragmentation can lead towards affecting the development of blastocyst. Even chances of miscarriage and failed assisted conception treatment are raised. A good quality sperm results in successful fertilization of the woman's egg and customary growth of the embryo.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Causes

Numerous causes have been identified in the case of sperm DNA fragmentation, where oxidative stress is one of them. It is due to oxidative stress produces free radicals which attack the DNA molecules and cause breaks in the strands of DNA. Another cause can be the intake of alcohol. Those who drink alcohol-containing drinks are providing great harm to their body. Alcohol is very much responsible for raising the chances of infertility as the person who drink alcohol have to face a reduction in sperm count and motility. That's why it is one of the causes of sperm DNA fragmentation. Our advice to alcohol-takers will be to leave this with an immediate effect to keep the body healthy and free from problems related to fertility.

Another cause following sperm DNA fragmentation is obesity. Overweight is also responsible for causing difficulties regarding the quantity and quality of sperm especially if the BMI (body mass index) is supposed to get over 25. With the help of a balanced and healthy diet along with regular exercise for a particular interval of time, one can reduce weight.

Next factor is smoking cigarettes. Those who contain a habit to smoke every day must need to understand that their activity is reducing both sperm count and motility. Smoking is very deadly to sperm. Smoking is responsible for producing free radicals that can further result in making the sperm dysfunctional or even killing it. Even stress is also linked with sperm DNA fragmentation. Stress limits the production as well as the quality of sperm by producing free radical. Stress is so harmful that it may lead the person off sex. If someone puts too much stress in his life, it is better to reduce it down which will result in improving the sperm quality.

You'll see many people who don't try to take care of their diet. And many of them don't have an idea that a healthy diet is responsible for healthy sperm. It is because a sperm asks for different types of nutrients for proper functioning. You can involve healthy items to your diet like fruits, vegetables, proteins like beans, eggs, fish, meat, milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Cost

At least 7 to 8 thousand rupees will be charged by the institution as the cost of sperm DNA fragmentation. It can vary according to the terms and conditions of the organization which is providing such types of services. It is better to go for such clinics that are identified as providing effective sperm DNA fragmentation test with priority and accuracy.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Treatment

A TUNEL assay is there to measure the sperm DNA damage directly with the help of an attachment of deoxyuridine triphosphate to solitary and double-strand DNA breaks with the help of deoxynucleotidyl transferase.
Comet assay is yet another option that is implemented to gauge sperm DNA damage degree qualitatively by imagining solitary and double-strand breaks through electrophoresis. A sperm chromatin structure analysis testing is also there which contains a chemical dye. In it, the broken sperm DNA will make a colour of red and ordinary sperm DNA will colour green. SCSA test is one of the widely used methods regarding sperm DNA fragmentation.

Antibiotics are also helpful in the cases of sperm DNA fragmentation, and along with that, some advanced tests like in-vitro fertilization, testicular aspiration of sperm, varicocele surgery and making some modification in lifestyle can also prove beneficial to a person.

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Regarding the treatment of sperm DNA fragmentation, you'll see different types of tests available. Such tests hold slightly different processes and outcomes in different standards of measurement.