When love has been found, nothing is sweeter. What happens after new love fades is where things get complicated. It’s the age-old struggle of figuring out how to keep the “spark” alive. With work, family, chores, stress, annoyance, it’s almost impossible to avoid the phases where lovers become roommates. Here are five tips to create a more intimate connection.

Make Time to TALK
Talking happens every day. However, talking can turn into “not talking” very easily. Sit down together in the evening and have a real conversation. Reveal thoughts, opinions, and most importantly, feelings. Starting statements with “I feel” can steer conversations away from the mundane into the truly deep connections that keep teenagers on the phone for hours. Philosophize together.

Get In Touch With Touching
Physical touch is another aspect that comes easy at the beginning of relationships and can disappear before anyone realizes it. Becoming more aware of touching will increase intimacy. Hold hands in public, rub thighs on the couch, and run fingers through hair. The smallest stroke at the small of her back can ignite desire, and the spark will reappear just as silently as it had left.

Put Sex on the Calendar
Life happens. The longer relationships go without sex, the less they need it. But physical intimacy is just as important as emotional intimacy. Humans are creatures of habit, surviving and thriving within routine. In order to keep sex and intimacy a priority, it must be included in routine. Make time for sex and the spontaneity will follow. Relish in the anticipation of knowing when it’s coming. If you need help with getting in touch with your sexuality you should consider talking to a sexpert to get more detailed information.

Pass Notes
Just because there is security in having a partner, it doesn’t mean stop thinking of ways to woo them! Grab some post it notes and write down cute messages for them to find. A reason for loving them, a compliment, or maybe even a dirty secret can do wonders for intimacy.

Go on an Adventure
Try something new! Push limits and be NERVOUS together. Doing an activity that neither party knows anything about will help reinforce bonds that could be worn with predictability. Whether this is a date or in the bedroom, new experiences will generate excitement that can give relationships a fresh breath of connection.

Love is magical, but love is hard. It requires work that didn’t feel like work at the beginning. Try out these tips! Put in the work! In the blink of an eye, the work will stop feeling like work and start feeling natural again.

Author's Bio: 

Viki Adams is a freelance writer.