People’s daily routines are full of stress, tension and irregular work schedules causing poor health and illnesses. Most people encounter back and shoulder pains which, more often than not, they tend to unintentionally neglect. Spinal stenosis is one form of back condition that most people usually suffer from.

The Disease and the Treatment Options Available

Spinal columns when subjected to narrowness are caused by various health reasons, one of which is the spinal stenosis. This narrowness cause pressure on the spinal cord which results to a great deal of pain. The main cause of this internal deformity is nerve compression which mainly causes the pain felt in the spine. People often make the mistake of struggling with their daily lives enduring the pain.

Some of the common types of this spinal disease:

1. Cervical spinal stenosis
2. Lumbar spinal stenosis
3. Thoracic spinal stenosis

Reasons or causes

There are multiple reasons suggested to be the main reasons behind the occurrence of this disease which infects the spine. Some the reasons why this disease transpires include age, heredity, trauma, arthritis or tumors.

Suggested Treatments

Among the various and wide range of treatments available, people usually prefer the non-surgical methods to avoid larger costs, failed surgeries, pain and side effects of the medicines. For the people of New York whom we know as some of the busiest people around the world, they prefer to undergo the non-surgical method of the treatment so that they could get back to their daily routines in an instant. Physical Therapy New York is one of the most sought after clinics that offer spinal treatment services.

Other treatments involve losing weight, acupuncture, natural remedies, magnet therapy, getting a massage, and steroid medicines such as oral and injections. With the physical therapy, a patient must be informed that the treatment will involve moves, stretches, exercises and other physical techniques with or without the use of equipments.

A licensed physical therapist understands the whole mechanism of the body and the probable causes of the pain felt by it. The therapist should be able to correctly address the problem and give the patient proper treatment. These treatments include hot and cold therapies, deep tissue massage and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or the TENS.

Hot and Cold Therapies work by directly targeting the affected area and putting hot and cold compress on it. Hot compress brings oxygen and cold compress reduces the spasm and pain. The deep tissue massage works by reducing the chronic tension in the ligaments, muscles and tendons which is caused by the pressure weighed down on the nerves. However, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is not meant directly to treat the chronic back pain, it is an effective generator of the natural pain killer of the body which is the, endorphin.

Living in one of the world’s busiest cities is not an excuse to neglect back and shoulder pains. Physical Therapy New York is always an option in effectively treating these physical conditions.

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