The Spinning World

Have you ever had too much to drink, and found yourself lying on the bed watching the room spin around you, trying really hard not to be sick? What did you do? You found one spot on the ceiling or the wall and stared at that spot until the spinning stopped right?

(Can she say that in a Christian article? You'd better believe it! I'm a Christian and for some reason, I'm well aware of this tactic! God has freely accepted me, no matter what, and He'll do the same for you. Those of you who are perfect don't need this article anyway:)

Really, if you've never touched a drop, surely you can relate to riding a merry-go-round a little too long as a child.

Is not the world spinning around us in much the same way? It is very unpleasant isn't it? I am one who used to focus on all the issues spinning around me. I focused on the spinning world until it literally made me sick. Some call it anxiety and depression.

The Focal Point

When God picked me up, dusted me off and began the journey that relieved me of my sickness, I returned to church and tried Christianity (again) for a change. But something was dreadfully wrong. I was attending Christian counseling, doing all the Christian things I was supposed to do, yet getting no better. As a matter of fact, things got worse. I added services, chores and church politics to my spinning world.

A dear friend was assigned to disciple me, unfortunately for her. After HOURS of listening to my woes and complaints, whichever one I pulled out of the air swirling around me at the time, she decided to try a different approach. She very rudely interrupted me during a venting session and said "Denise, what is Jesus telling you today." She had to say this three times to get me to shut up!

Not only did she say this to me three times, BUT I somehow ended up with two copies of Me and My Big Mouth, by Joyce Meyers, as gifts! (Ouch!)

My feelings were hurt, BUT I decided to prepare myself for the next time she so rudely interrupted me and I began a Bible study of my own. This Bible Study called The Life Cycle taught me to focus on the cure - JESUS - instead of the spinning world. In my studies, I found this actually works!

Let the world spin (you know it's going to) but focus on Jesus.

Author's Bio: 

Denise writes from her heart about the healing God gave her for depression and anxiety.