I had a very short dream last night. In the dream I was in an airplane soaring in a clear blue sky. I was with a group of people and it was obvious that our intent was to skydive from the plane. The door was wide open and as I walked toward it a man pushed me out.

I awoke with a start, feeling a bit panicked, and then my rational mind took over in the realization that I had a parachute strapped to my back. I had everything I needed for a safe landing and that there was nothing to worry about.
This dream tells me that I may feel unprepared for a new task, one I know is coming. However, spirit tells me that I have everything I could possibly need, and to have faith that I’ll land on my feet. Through this dream I realize that I must have faith. Faith that I’ve armed myself with knowledge, faith that all will turn out for the best, but most of all, the faith in spirit.

Once in a while we are thrust into situations that make us uncomfortable. Whether we believe we are ready for the challenge or feel unprepared, spirit stands by our side encouraging us and sometimes pushing us where we need to be. Whatever challenge you are facing, spirit has great faith in you. One of your challenges in life is to believe in yourself!

Blessings ~ Lisa

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Lisa Bousson is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker and Instructor. With over 50 years experience, Lisa offers hope that our loved ones remain with us even after the change called death.

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