Worship is called the feeling or appearance of respect and love for a God. Worship is basic believe of the Muslims. The idea of worship in Islam is misinterpreted by many people, counting some Muslims. Worship is usually taken to mean execution ritualistic acts such as prayers, fasting, charity, etc. This limited sympathetic of worship is only one part of the meaning of worship in Islam. That is why the old-style meaning of worship in Islam is a whole definition that includes almost all in any being's doings. The meaning goes somewhat like this: Worship is a comprehensive term for all that God loves of outside and interior sayings and actions of a being." In other effects, worship is all one says or does for the wish of Allah. This, of course, comprises rituals as well as principles, social activities, and individual aids to the happiness of human beings.

The idea and drive of worship in Islam is highest to any other faith in being. It organizations the mundane with the mystical, the separate with the society, and the inner soul with the outside body. Worship has a unique role in Islam, and finished worship, a person is stared as a true Muslim who consensuses his entire life to the Will of God. The rank of worship may be seen in the fact that it has been set by God in all religions prior to Islam. Allah mention said in the Quran: And certainly We have sent between every people a messenger (PBUH): worship God.

Worship in Islam has so many sides that it is hard to describe them all in words. The most universal explanation of worship in Islam is wide of everything which is beautiful to Allah, whether they deal with topics of trust, or activities of the body. It may include everything a person detects, thinks, means, feels, says and does. It also references to everything that Allah needs, outside, internal or communicating. This contains rites as well as doings principles, work, social activities, and personal behavior, as human being is an entire, such that every part touches every other.

worship is an Arabic word resulting from a slave and it means proposal. It portrays that Allah is your Master and you are His slave, and whatsoever a slave does in compliance to and for the desire of his Master is worship. The Islamic idea of worship is very wide. If you free your speech from immorality, falsehood, malevolence, and abuse and say the truth and talk large things and do all these only because Allah has so intended to do, they establish worship, however earthly they may look in appearance.

If you obey the law of Allah in letter and soul in your profitable and economic matters and stand by it in your contacts with your parents, families, friends, and all those who come in contact with you, verily all these activities of yours are Worship. If you help the poor and the poor, give food to the starving, and serve the ailing and the distressed persons, and do all this not for any individual gain of yours but only to pursue the desire of Allah, they are nonentity short of worship.

Even your monetary activities, the actions you assume to earn your living and to feed your committers, are worship if you remain truthful and open in them and observe the law of Allah. In short, all your activities and your whole life are worship if they are in agreement with the law of God, and your heart is occupied with His wonder, and your decisive impartial in responsibility all these doings is to seek the pleasure of Allah.

Consequently, worship in Islam, whether ceremonial or non-ritual, Pullmans the separate in such a way that he loves his Maker even more, which causes him to gain an stubborn will and a means to slur out all evil and domination from his society and to make the word of Allah glorious.

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