After executing terrific penance and well defined worship of Super Energy Gayatri Gurudeva who augmented Divine Aura has powerfully proclaimed that anyone who will execute spiritual practices as per his guidance shall definitely reap success. I have taught people Gayatri Meditation and method of enacting rites and rituals and have further said that only those will accrue full benefits that sanctify and render great their inner personalities via spiritual endeavors. Further he writes that I have given that message of scriptures and Rishis to every aide of mine wherein akin to myself they render service to world humanity as a major part of their daily living. This is ike making efforts to sustain one’s life. This then is true spirituality.

The method with which he conjoined meditation to service based spiritual practice was rare and it gave right direction to progress in spirituality. He inspired thousands of people renounce the mental tendency to aspire only for one’s own salvation, dispassion to the world and immersing in Samadhi or trance and instead selflessly work for world well being. This could have been achieved only by a revolutionary thinker. A very extraordinary portion of his personality gets showcased by the fact that he relentlessly opposed and combated like a valiant general against illusions that spread far and wide in the field of religion as also those who gave ‘discourses’ to nourish such blind deluded beliefs. Without faltering even a wee bit Gurudeva reaped rich success in this struggle.

In the past few times whatever he has written in a book called ‘Savitri Mahavijnan’ is a challenge for entire world humanity. We will place before the respected readers what he has originally written himself:

The chief goal of Gayatri Meditation is manifestation of a great wholesome intellect. It is called Ritambhara or Mahaprajna. This is its main benefit. Regarding this how much ever I have attained may not be worth priding about yet it is self satisfying. The chief aim of my life has been neo creation. A great sacred intellect incarnates only in pious gentlemanly people. All those people who came in my contact were made to walk, dragged and pushed too on this path. Its results too can be witnessed akin to a fresh green harvest and I have full faith that if the present 2.4 million devotees by rendering themselves as seeds get sown then akin to myself they too will new harvest blooming forth and in the future times of era junction this task shall gain such gigantic magnitude that maybe only a few amongst those possessing vile character shall exist and will not get imbued with Adishakti and Yugashakti Gayatri’s spiritual consciousness. I have full faith that my aides and followers will imbibe this potent divine energy. Even if amongst these a few lag behind my subtle body post death of my mortal coil too shall awaken them appropriately.

The above promise is so definite and so inspirational that despite a minor possibility of people becoming listless after his great death he has taken a vow of imbuing them with life force and activity via the medium of his powerful subtle and causal body.

In this manner extraordinary divine existences and great saints of Avatar stature while they are alive by becoming a fount of sacred inspiration for untold number of people render successful their divine manifestation on earth. Gurudeva used to say that whatever is worth attaining in this world can be done by awakening one’s soul. He opined that understanding the power of the 5 senses of knowledge and utilizing it aptly is such an experiment via which the Food, Vital Force, Mental, Intellectual and Bliss Sheaths can be awakened and with their help one can accrue those benefits attained by great self realized masters. He would further say that the subtle body comprising of mind, intellect, psyche, ego and vital force is infinitely more powerful than our physical body (Akhand Jyoti Magazine-November 1971, page 54).

Gayatri can also be termed as a Super Energy that protects one’s Prana or vital force (Gaya means Prana Tri means protection). Not only was Gurudeva successful in activating the 5 sheaths but that by rendering the Prana Energy very potent and power of resolve or Sankalpa unwavering he became immortal, deathless and one who gained victory over death itself. He made the 5 sense organs work like his aides and they never became unruly. In order to render his taste buds sacred he ate Jowar and drank butter milk and in order to render his speech pious he always observed truth during his entire life time. In a tongue that is sinless and sacred Goddess Saraswati dwells. It was this reason that his blessings never failed, never did his advice go unheeded and with whom so ever he spoke that person became his very own. Whatever he spoke in his profound discourses was imbibed duly by listeners in their psyche.

The same must be understood for the nose, eyes, ears and touch sense organ which is the seed of sexual passion. Everywhere he smelled the fragrance of goodwill and greatness only, he saw only that which is supreme with his eyes, with the hears he heard only divine aspirations, he forgot how to speak bitterly and via the endeavor of Brahmacharya he became Urdhwareta wherein he awakened his Kundalini Shakti. When a person has sanctified his 5 sense organs of knowledge via affectionate faith, can he ever experience any sort of lack in life? Like his sense organs he scrupulously looked after the 5 deities too. By worshiping all the deities comprising mind, intellect, psyche, ego and vital force they were rendered sacred.

The 5 faces of Gayatri are called the 5 Koshas or Sheaths. This is the form of Savitri too. A symbolic description is given regarding the 10 arms. These are but the demigods related to 5 sense organs of knowledge 5 psychic principles which together form the 10 arms of this Super Power. In this manner revered Gurudeva by mastering the 5 sheaths and becoming one at the soul level with the 10 deities himself became Gayatri manifest. Not only did he become Gayatri manifest but that led innumerable others in this direction and by imbibing a sacred intellect also imbibed divinity in their soul. This then is the creation of a new world.

Over here one aspect is worth pondering over that if some other person was in place of Gurudeva could he have set rolling such an agitation of such stature in a country which is engulfed by deluded beliefs based on high-low, caste-creed, gender bias etc? Would he have inspired other thousands to meditate/worship Gayatri and ask them to give Ahutis in Yajnas? It is well nigh impossible. It is only an Avatar stature great saint that can shoulder the danger of taking revolutionary steps in that country where drip blind deluded beliefs like how can an ‘untouchable’ woman have the right to chant Gayatri Mantra. Possibly for this very task, for transformation from the very fount, this great saint had taken birth as an Avatar so as to oppose tooth and nail Karmakandi priests and so called intellectuals who increased atheism in laymen. For his entire life he fought against unethical behavior, trends lacking true discrimination and opinions that were totally unsound and illogical that had their roots in a tainted intellect. In the process he was wounded and bled profusely yet akin to Rana Sanga he kept at it. Say, where did he get the power to do so? Doubtlessly it was Mother Gayatri who was protecting her beloved son and ultimately at the time of death on Gayatri Jayanti by taking her precious son in her lap and by liberating him from the shackles of the gross body so as to render his body subtle and air like awakened manifested her form as a World Mother wherein now this great saint’s effort will have to be applied in order to awaken the Kundalini Energy of the world and harbinger a new era in the process. Does anyone need any more proof after reading these episodes of his life, his thoughts and extraordinary incidences with reference to his intense austerities?

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