Is it possible to awaken, spiritually? To do so, we must understand what it means to be human beings. How can we be when we are forever avoiding the state of being ourselves? We are endlessly trying our best to be something other than what we are. If we are sad, we want to be happy. When we are angry, we try to be calm. Being ignorant, we want to be intelligent.

Therefore, not seeing ourselves truthfully, we live our shoddy little lives, falsely. Through will and effort, we try to be something other than what we are. This divisive movement of becoming brings about chaos and conflict within our consciousness and the world. Not realizing that when we try, we are denying what we are and that is a violent thing.

Being miserable, we seek happiness away from our own inner selves. Away from what we deem as negative, we aim for the idea of the positive. Never realizing that the seeking of the positive is a continuity of the hurt and unhappiness masked as something else.

Being one thing, we try to be another. This very attempt is the empasse that prevents us from realizing what we truly are. It is this duality of self-perpetuating movement away from ourselves, away from what we are. We keep the darkness of ignorance continually alive in our lives. Through relativity, we try to change ourselves, which is not change at all.

In life, we experience pleasure, pain, and indifferent states of being. From one state of mind, we attempt to move to another. From pain, we search out pleasurable experiences in whatever form, which creates additional psychological pain. It is this vicious cycle, this evolving door we have found our demise. Imprisoned by our own lack of understanding, we are lost without the light of intelligence. We do not see and so we press on in the shadow of unawareness.

When at once we truly see the ignorance of our lives, that seeing is the light within that gives understanding. It is then we can discover the meaning of being psychologically free, effortlessly. It is then we discover the meaning of spiritual perception. The art of seeing, holistically. Then we see the light of truth is the eternal freedom that transcends the mind as knowledge.

Through this awakening, there is the light of love, beauty, and everlasting joy that comes uninvited. It is this freedom within that comes and solves all ones problems. It is not an extension or expansion of our same old psychological imprisonment. It is a total transformation that is wisdom beyond knowledge. This spiritual freedom is the reality of truth that transcends this mortal life.

When at once we look within ourselves, beyond the mind as thought, there is the awakening beyond all organized religions. Through this realization of the divine, the glory of love and truth shines in within our lives. For you to realize this spiritual light of intelligence is the understanding and fulfillment of all humanity.

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Adonis Alexander is a spiritual teacher who resides in the United States. He gives spiritual counsel to many throughout the world.

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