Right Spiritual Choice

In our God’s hierarchy, a Right Spiritual Choice is a Choice towards Light.

One of the best samples of a Right Spiritual Choice is represented in the drama-horror movie The Rite ( 2011).

Multiple Spiritual Choices towards Light is the best-case scenario for any spiritual entity as it guarantees the least incarnations to achieve Liberation and membership in the team of Lights.

For example, a man has made Spiritual Choices towards Light during his five past lives. In the present life, he again goes for Light. As a result, he will reach extra Spiritual enlightenment, upgrade his consciousness, and get closer to the Final Exit.

Multiple Spiritual Choices towards Light and its consequences are well described in Jacklyn A. Lo's Redemption novel.

A Spiritual Choice is the biggest challenge in anybody’s life as it is tailor-made for a particular individual and couldn't copy-paste it for anyone else.

Sometimes we get only a fraction of a second to execute our Spiritual Choice and to define our future for the next several lives.

However, we can also get months and even years for the Choice and define our Spiritual Direction. In this case, we might apply to decision making and use our analytical skills and intuition besides evaluating our Spiritual Values.

Why is Spiritual Choice towards Light so hard?

The Hierarchy of God is the most demandable; therefore, requirements to get Into it are the toughest.

For example, going to prestigious Harvard University, you need to present a great Grade Point Average and high entrance exam score. The same with entering God's Hierarchy - you have to perform well daily and make the Right Spiritual Choices on the top.

However, like anything in physical reality, the Spiritual Choice towards Light has its own risk - Degradation. A danger of degradation can appear if a person underestimates the risks of physical reality.

For example, a man gives his kidney to his dying wife (Compassion is a Spiritual Value of Light). The wife is recovering but leaving the man and taking his property*. Due to disability, the man, who was a sportsman, can’t continue his carrier. Being psychologically and financially broke, he finds no use for himself and becomes an alcoholic. Alcohol and drugs shorten a life-project and continuously reduce energy potential, which has been gathered before. The man faces Degradation.

* The reason for the betrayal can be the man's similar act in one of his past lives, that is, the Law of Karma works. However, we cannot know for sure.

Wrong Spiritual Choice

In our God’s hierarchy, a Wrong Spiritual Choice is a Choice towards Darkness.

There are several types of souls making that Choice:

A young soul up to the first 10 lives
Young souls who do not know how to separate "the wheat from the chaff" often go astray, succumbing to the temptations of the physical world.

Very often, such a soul ends up in prison.
Films samples: Papillon (2017), Days of Heaven (1978), Badlands (1973).

A mature soul with a direction towards Light:

If a mature soul striving towards the Light makes an erroneous choice to the direction of Darkness, then the Law of Karma comes into force, which allows the person to return to the error and work it out. This Choice prolongs his path to the Final Exit. Negative karma always brings suffering.
The Wrong Spiritual Choice and following Karma are well represented in the following films: Bram Stocker’s Dracula (1992), The Machinist (2004).

A mature soul makes his final Spiritual Choice towards Darkness:

This is the last Spiritual Choice of the person. The soul might come back to the Earth or other dense world again, but without Free Will. The soul will be executing the Will of Satan.

Degradation is the worst-case scenario for Spiritual Choice.

Degradation characterizes by the constant loss of the previously gathered energies. As a result, it leads to a spiritual being's unprofitability and, ultimately, his soul’s decoding, i.e., Spiritual Death.

For example, a man has made Spiritual Choices towards Degradation during his four past lives. In the present fifth life, he goes for Degradation again. As a result, after his physical death, his soul will face Spiritual Death.

The Spiritual Death means that energy accumulations during man's all incarnations, including minerals, animals, etc., will be permanently erased. He will die as a Spiritual Being without a right to incarnate again. The life in the identity of the man is his last one.

Typical samples of spiritual entities moving towards Degradation are people-parasites who consume what is earned by family members or society.

Other Degradation samples are descended angels; reference film - City of Angeles (1998).

Spiritual Values

Spiritual Choice is not easy to recognize for outsiders, as it is individually tailored for every being and based on an individual's spiritual and energetic potential.

However, there is a common thing in all Spiritual Choices - all of them are linked to the Highest Intangible Values. Some of them are presented in Table 2.

Table 2. Samples of Values of Lights and Darks

The Values of Lights are always opposite to Values of Darkness with one exception - Loyalty. Loyalty is a Value, which belongs to both parties - Lights and Darks.

However, their quality of Loyalty is not the same. If Lights' loyalty is based on Faith and Love, Faith in God/ Creator, the Darks' loyalty is based on obeyance and fear, for example, fear of Satan.

In the novel Redemption, the protagonist, a powerful tech executive, chooses multiple Lights' Values, such as Freedom, Love, Courage, Peace, and Hope.

A Spiritual Choice as a Spiritual Test

A human with the higher energetic and spiritual potentials gets the toughest Spiritual Choice - Spiritual Test.

For example, the Old Testament tells us about God’s test of Abraham; the New Testament describes Satan’s temptation of Jesus.

The Great Gautama the Buddha made a tough Spiritual Choice leaving the Golden Palace with his young and beautiful wife and his baby-boy. Later on, the Demon Mara’s brought another Spiritual Test to Gautama, assaulting him with several temptations.

A Spiritual Direction towards Light is the most challenging but the most promising, as in the long run, it brings opportunities to become a Creator by yourself!

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