Who doesn't want to find a perfect partner that is not just a lover, but also an intimate confidant that we can spend the rest of our lives with? Of course, we all do! Recently, it seems that modern trends in dating have made finding such a relationship challenging, leaving people disappointed rather than joyous and in love. Modern dating counseling makes it feel like a rat race filled with excessive tips and deceits to hitch a keeper that usually requires each of us to come close to painfully put ourselves in jeopardy.

It is time for us to revise the way to approach our pursuit of conscious connections. We need to expand our perception of dating and become aware of daters rather than participating in the rat race. Conscious dating is a method that honors and respects us as individuals and offers a way to find emotionally healthy love. This process involves attracting people in alignment with our most authentic and powerful self. It's not about creating shallow illusions or wearing a mask.

Here are ways on how to begin a conscious relationship.

Encourage and practice profundity in ourselves. Respecting ourselves implies not putting our longing for a relationship above listening to our own heart, body, mind, and spirit and recognizing the messages we have received. You should consider yourself as the divine and sensual being that you are. Try not to criticize yourself or put yourself down. We tend to choose partners that mirror the absence of self-respect we have when cutting ourselves down. We can then maneuver that when we respect ourselves in drawing someone who appreciates us. Furthermore, we do not tolerate disrespect when we understand ourselves. We settle on better and more mature decisions about who we permit in our lives and hearts.

Have a thirst for learning and development. It is essential that we always express a sincere interest in our identity, how we act, and how we interface with each other — propelling ourselves from our emotional and physical comfort zones guarantees that we will evolve and learn about our accomplishments as well as our errors. We tend to change our point of view on things when we want to grow. Instead of seeing a terrible date as an absolute catastrophe, we will see where we might have gained more information or used better discretion about who we are investing our time with. We will start to see each date or relationship as something that has been important even though that purpose has not been to become a deeply rooted relationship.

Develop and practice radical self-love. If we could all treat ourselves with the equivalent kindness of love that we would a little child or a puppy, many of our relationships would change. It means we acknowledge ourselves, imperfections, and everything when we fully cherish ourselves. We have to recognize that our bodies, minds, and hearts have brought us to where we are and ought to be loved and respected. When we do this, we will start to make choices that mirror this love. Rather than picking any old date to make sure we’re out on a Saturday night, we’re waiting for somebody whose worth everything we’ve got to offer. To receive healthy, genuine, and enduring love we must initially demonstrate it to ourselves.

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Katrin De Ocampo is a freelance writer from the Philippines who loves to write different niches.