Are you a spiritual entrepreneur who is feeling like no matter what you do you can't seem to shift certain blocks to success in your business? Are you feeling frustrated, confused, alone, on the verge of giving up?

Are you here to just exist, or are you here to experience life as something joyful, expansive, expanding and nurturing?

I think the answer to the above question is self-evident. Your spiritual business isn't just a business to you, it is a means for you to serve authentically, joyfully, with passion and commitment.

That's what sets you apart from a standard business entrepreneur. You know that everything in life is trying to lead you to an awareness that you're here to be a reflection and expression of the creator. So when you give up on your deep desire to live a life that feels purposeful, meaningful and deeply fulfilling to you, then you are doing yourself a true disservice.

You're not here to be miserable and follow the path trodden by everyone else. You're here to follow your own unique path. That way, how you then grow on that path is unique to you. How you express, is uniquely you. What you have to offer comes from a joyful place, a place of expansiveness and peace.

Now if you don't feel a passion for your spiritual business then none of this applies. If the idea of what you have to share as a spiritual entrepreneur isn't lighting you up and putting a fire in your belly in some way, then a change of direction might be needed. But let's assume for now that what you offer in your spiritual biz is an extension of you at your highest and best.

So any time you get to express from the highest and best in you, it feels good to, you. When I use the term 'highest and best' I'm not referring to being some kind of Zen Master who remains unperturbed in any situation - good on you if you can do that though!

No, what I'm referring to is that this space of expression, encourages you to remember who you are, who we all are, and then share with others, from that space of recognition. We can share from that space even if we're feeling a bit moody that day, even if our hormones are out of whack, even if the kids have got on our last nerve! Everything gets used and put in service from that space.

So be honest with yourself. Would you be truly miserable if you gave up on what felt most right for you to do, or not? I'm going to assume that the answer you gave there was yes! Just call me an optimist!

If you would be miserable and would feel that your life lacked some greater purpose or meaning, then who are you really serving by giving up? Yourself, your family, your friends, your parents; society? I'll leave you to answer that.

You're not here to be miserable, let me reiterate that. You're here to shine, to thrive, to flourish, to prosper in whatever way feels right for you to do. What you have to offer the world, or even friends and family, also benefits from your recognition of that.

So... Do you feel you have a right to do what your heart has called you to? Is being acceptable, more important to you than being authentically joyful? Would following the rules and the conditioning of the world cause you to feel more, or less; expansive?

Do you feel there's something pious in not giving yourself the things that would truly light you up? Are you finally ready to own that you'd feel unfulfilled if you weren't wholeheartedly following your passions and gifts?

Let's be clear I am not saying, you are more important than everyone else, or that your needs trump everyone else's needs.

No, what I'm saying is that as we shift, our outer world shifts. As we honour and affirm ourselves, those in our outer world are given permission to do the same, to honour themselves. So in making the commitment to follow your joy, you're more willing to support others in following theirs.

It's a great reminder to us all, of who we really are, when we commit to following a path that leads us inwards to our authentic joy.

Author's Bio: 

Yve Anmore works primarily with conscious entrepreneurs, conscious creatives and spiritual seekers, helping them to identify and shift the fear blocks holding them back from creating a life they love. She has an B.A. in Development Economics, a diploma in print, radio and web, journalism and is a certified workshop facilitator and spiritual life coach. She's highly creative and is an author, poet and talented singer and songwriter too. She's the author of: 'Musings On the Path' A powerful sharing of the Path of The Open Heart: Through the medium of essays, articles, poetry and even modern-day parables.