There is a spiritual movement happening; I see it in the media, in social media, in my personal interactions – people are seeking more, they want more peace in their lives.

I know some of this shift is happening at a local level because of the people, places and things I am choosing to spend my time with but I also feel that there is a shift, a global vibration of Love, that is ever-present and getting more and more attention. What you focus on grows.

The more I choose to feed my spirit with good the more I reflect the joy and peace that comes from this practice. It manifests in many ways; more patience on the road, a smile in the checkout line, a thank you to those who make my daily tea and an excitement about the day ahead.

These are the simple things. When I cultivate this behavior in myself and start looking for it out in the world…I find it. I may have to look for it at first, but eventually it finds me. Allowing it to find me can sometimes take time.

Ultimately I have arrived at a place in my spiritual journey where I can look for the good in the seemingly bad. I have grown in my relationship with God and know that God is Love and God is in every one of us, therefore we are all Love.

Some are extending love and others are calling to be loved. Sometimes this call for love manifests in what we label as bad behavior or terrible circumstances. When I am present to my life I can see the good in everything, and if I cannot see the good I trust that something good will come. I have never been wrong about this, because I choose to believe it’s true.

Choose to see the good and peace will be with you. Don’t expect to do it perfectly, no one can. Choose each day, each hour, each moment to renew your commitment to peace and you will not only have it, you will exude it! What a beautiful way to live!

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Are you looking for YOUR answers? If you’re like me, you are on the journey of a lifetime. Perhaps you have been on this journey a short time, maybe you have been searching your entire life. Either way, it can be exciting, energizing, painful, slow and amazing but when you are finding YOU – it makes sense that it be an adventure. It can all be true.

As an Ordained Ministerial Counselor I am trained to guide you to your answers, to support you in your awareness of joy and pain, to be on the other side to welcome you to the next level of your spiritual awakening. I am committed to be a graceful companion as you navigate your self- discovery. Nothing is more humbling or sacred, for me, than to be trusted with joining you on your journey.

I am Ordained through Pathways of Light Spiritual College. I offer Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling, a gentle guided process to discovery given to Pathways of Light by Spirit. Groups are always forming for my 8-week Spiritual Awakening Group and my 8-week Healing Inner Child Group.

Please visit for more information. I would love to be of service to you or someone you know.