Energy healing and its Holistic approach have been around since mankind has been on this earth. Different modalities have been used whether it was a physical approach or mental. The mental approach had emerged during the tribal period of mankind’s evolution. History has shown that all groups of people have had a shaman/woman or medicine man/ woman in all their civilizations. Although the name or title may have been different from people to people their function has been the same, healing.
The physical holistic approach began to develop about five thousand years ago in the more advanced civilizations. As we evolved into what we call modern times we see more types of physical holistic healing. Some of those are Acupuncture, Chiropractics, Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Acupressure. In all of those modalities the premise is to release blocked energy and restore the movement of energies to allow that energy to restore the healing process in the body. Energy in the East is called by different names depending on the country. Some of those names are Chi, Qi, Prana. Acupuncture has been around for centuries in Asia and there is much documentation of its cures in China. But like conventional western medicine disease often will return to haunt man. Why?
Although these modalities are using energy to cure the problem it is working at the level of blockage and not at the root cause. To have a lasting cure you must eliminate the cause of the energy blockage. This might be compared to trying to eliminate yearly flooding of a valley by using pumps. When the real cause of the flooding is the river cannot hold the amount of water from the spring rains and winter runoff. The cure in that case would be to stop using the sump pumps and build a dam to control the water.
Today Metaphysicians and Holistic Healers have developed what is being called Spiritual Anatomy. Although through the centuries mental holistic healers have sensed this anatomy there was no blueprint to follow. Although in the East the Hindu culture has taught the energetic system of the Chakras for centuries. However there is not any physical evidence of how this works. Its benefits are measured by the results obtained in this energy system and that show us the effects and their cures does validate this approach.
Before any of methods to release and balance this spiritual holistic energy there must be an understanding of how it works and why. In Spiritual Anatomy the physical body is acknowledge as a vehicle we use on this physical earth. Spiritual Anatomy also says in addition to keeping our energy system clear and healthy we must keep our Aura and our mind spiritually clean.
One first lesson that you need to know and to understand your spiritual anatomy and how it works is the difference between the brain and the mind. Let me point out that the mind and the brain are two different things. This is a very important fact. Science always links the brain and mind together. Scientists are dealings with the physical and material world. Metaphysicians deal with the invisible world beyond physical world. If the brain is the mind then after the transition called death there would be no mind. And if that were the case there would be no individual personality or person. Therefore scientist say there is no more life after death. In other words death is final. If you are reading this article then you know that it is not the case.
So where is the mind and how is it related to the brain. The mind is located between the Solar Plexus and the Heart in the human body. It is not physical but spiritual. It is the place where it controls the automated parts of your body such as breathing, blood circulation, heart beat and the many other automated functions of the body. How does the mind communicate with the brain?
To answer that lets look at the brain and what it is. The brain is an organ through which the mind communicates through electrical impulses and vibration to communicate in a material world. The mind could not communicate in low vibration of the physical world so it needs a brain. The mind’s vibration is attuned to higher spirituals planes of existence of the world that was before and is after death. The brain is necessary for a healthy existence on earth’s material plane.
In recapping spiritual anatomy basically I am saying that beyond the physical body everything else is energy and actually the body is energy and it will after transition called death change to other of earth’s energy through the decaying process. The physical body is controlled and maintained through the Chakras, Aura and Mind. The mind produces thoughts, emotions and feelings that fuel the energy system.
Now that you are aware of the energy systems how do you use it to heal and maintain health? A Chakra meditation will clear the blockages and open up a complete healthy free flowing energy system to keep you healthy. There are seven main chakras and hundreds of minor ones. Because this article is limited in the amount words that can be presented here I am not going to give you the meditation here. However I will give you a written script free of charge if you contact me through my website and mention this article.
In addition to keeping your Chakras open and balanced you must keep your Aura cleaned and also you need to learn to control your thoughts. Thoughts charged with feeling and emotions and attract conditions likened to them. That is why you must continue to grow spiritually.
How often does a person need to do the Chakra meditation and Aura cleansing? If you are doing maintenance through one of the energy maintenance systems such as Tai Chi and Qigong or one of the Yoga maintenance systems then the meditation should be done once a month. However if there is no maintenance regime that you use, and then it should be done once a week.

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Dr. LaNave has been practicing Spiritual Counsenling,Teaching Spiritual Topics for fifty years. He is also an Ordained Minister by International Metaphysical Ministry aqnd a member of American Metaphysical Doctors Association. In addition he is a Medium, a certified Hynotherapist and a Master NLP practioner. Dr. LaNave has been a speaker on spiritual topics in the USA, Canada and Europe. His web site is