A crisis never announces itself. It just comes. The ravaging tornado that outbreaks in the spring of 2011 show us the devastating and unanticipated consequences of catastrophic natural events. One thing is certain: nothing will test leadership sort of a crisis. Crises intensify the same old challenges of leadership to seemingly intolerable levels. Yet, in such times, God's leaders aren't without promises and principles from Scripture to trust and to proclaim.

In September 2001, ministers throughout the country faced an incident they might never have anticipated. And after the 9/11 accident, Americans started to attend churches in large numbers on Sunday mornings seeking answers to their questions. Sermons from passages like (Luke 13:1-5) spoke to the instant. during this passage, Jesus commented on the horrendous slaying of Galileans by Pilate, also because of the tragedy of the tower falling in Siloam. Jesus noted that these tragedies didn't occur due to some specific sins of the victims.

The Sunday after 9/11, I spoke on this passage and titled the message, "An Interview with Jesus." For the upcoming anniversary of 9/11, pastors may once more preach this text or passages within the Old Testament in which Israel and Judah faced national crises. additionally, it might be helpful to use numerous biblical texts that give assurance of God's care no matter circumstances (e.g. Romans 8: 31-38).

In view of current uncertain times, the anniversary of 9/11 is additionally a chance for churches to focus on our nation's need to turn to God. Pastors should remind church members that we are to wish "for kings and all those who are in authority" (1 Timothy 2:1). Special requests on prayer might include individuals offering prayers with different thoughts and problems with corresponding Scriptures. On the evening of the 9/11 accident, members of the National Congress gathered at the Capitol and sing God Bless America. A congregation is allowed to sing this song before or after the prayer to God to bless America, as per the scripture in the (2 Chronicles 7:14).

When a pastor speaks the word of God during a time of crisis, he delivers the spiritual leadership things to whom he desperately needs. Spiritual leadership is about motivating the people of God to fulfill God's purpose. Not surprisingly, in researching ministry leadership in times of catastrophic crisis for the book, Catastrophic Crisis: Ministry Leadership within the Midst of the Tragic and Trying, based on Christian Leadership in Crisis. All other important qualities are of leadership and to flow out of spiritual leadership.

Never is there a greater opportunity for God's people to satisfy their purpose than during a time of crisis. However, leaders don't have time to suddenly become spiritual when crises come. Rather, they come out of the spiritual depth they have. Likewise, churches that possess spiritual vitality before crises occur are prepared to form the best impact for the kingdom.

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