Last week, it probably looked like I was talking to myself in the grocery store. But at 8 months pregnant, I was talking to the little girl in my belly.

This has been happening for months. I’ll hear a clear message, like a thought in my head that I know is not mine: “Mommy, don’t buy those apples, buy the mangoes.” Or, “I like that red juice you had the other day.”

Sometimes she’s much more animated. I’ve even heard her say “Goody Goody Gumdrops,” and I’ve felt her flailing about like she can barely contain her excitement when she likes something. Usually food. She almost always moves after I eat, and she’ll thank me and tell me “This is soooo good.”
We’ve had the sense she wants to be born as soon as possible, and we’ve told her: “You need to wait until you’re full term or at least close. You need to get big and strong before you come out.”

We had this conversation months ago, and now with about a month to go, I am so hungry! It’s as if she’s decided to get big and strong NOW, so she can come out sooner.
Lately we hear her saying, “I’m coming out soon.” One day when my husband was talking with her she told him, “Mommy needs to make more room for me.” I reminded her she chose a fairly small mother and that there was only so much room to make!

I believe children choose their parents. I also believe they have plenty to say, not only when they’re a year or more old, but even in the womb, even before conception.
Our little girl is delighted that we can hear her! Not only do we talk with her, but our friends– and even some clients– do too.

In my intuitive reading sessions with clients, I sometimes receive information from spirit guides. Well, since I’m pregnant I sometimes hear the same type of guidance from my daughter, as if she is a guide!

Usually, when this happens I’ll tell my client, “the baby has something to tell you,” and I’ll just say it. It’s interesting; the clients she tends to talk to also say they feel connected to her!

As I was teaching a workshop recently, I led a meditation helping the students tune in to their own intuitive guidance. After the meditation, one woman (who I had just met), came up to me and said, “Ann, your daughter is incredible. She came to me in my meditation and told me so many things.” The student had a whole page of notes in her journal, based on what the baby had told her!

Our baby moves when she hears certain clients’ and friends’ voices now; I can tell she recognizes them. Sometimes I’ll even hear her say “Auntie” or “Uncle” before the name of someone she really likes!

One day, she told me the astrological chart she wanted. Specifically, she told me the sun, moon and rising signs. So I decided to look up what day that would be.
The same day, she told my husband the specific date she wanted to be born. When I looked up the astrology she told me, the date was the same as the date my husband had heard! We will keep this a secret until we find out.

I am deeply touched to be her mother, and I share this in hopes more parents will learn to talk and listen to their incoming children!

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Ann O'Brien is an intuitive living teacher offering spiritual readings, energy healing and education to help you realize your spiritual power, radiant health and ecstatic relationships. Working with thousands of clients and students worldwide for over a decade, Ann brings the mystical down to earth and makes it practical, fun, accessible and empowering. She is the creator of the program, "Jump Start Your Intuition: Simple Daily Meditation Tips to Increase Wealth, Improve Health & Give You Peace of Mind" along with her in-depth Intuitive Training Program. For more information please visit