If there are negative powers attacking your faith, what should you do to save it from becoming vanquished? Have you ever heard of any approach of these factors such as accidents, poverty, sickness and tragedy which your faith will better respond in the regard that it would not easily trip on the ground? An important thing to negative the bad effects of these powers is a spiritual warfare.

Armed with this warfare, you can respond against these negative powers more responsibly in a way which does not cause your faith pulled down. It is always said in the Bible that there exist a lot of forms of satanic powers which can take advantage of people’s weaknesses. These powers may range from smallest to biggest form.

Sometimes it would even be in such an unnoticeable form that you cannot realize yourself being attacked unless you are armed with spiritual warfare strong enough inside you. More often than not, the devices which these negative powers use are things causing many people troubles and we always develop a tendency to blame God for all the problems coming to us if we do not beware of this fact.

To counterattack these devices, all you must have is a strong faith. We were created after God’s image and this is the reason why the negative powers do not like us. And the attacks which they are forcing upon us are very strong so that many people cannot see them behind those. It is common that people are unconscious of what actually happened behind their lives’ scenes.

However, this is just another try of the negative powers to hide us the fact that we are being followed the right path. As part of life, an individual has no other choice but being ready to save him/herself against the attacks from them. No matter you know them or not, these attacks will continue to make us weaker until we give up and then get fooled by the powers.

However God has never left us alone. That is the reason why He has had all words forming the spiritual warfare inside us. But the way to use the warfare deep inside us is up to us so that the negative powers would never give up attacking. The words from God, the faith and all kinds of shields which God gives us will help us win the attacks.

People can never keep the attacks from coming, but they may be stopped with the help of mentioned weapons. Any plan of the powers will never get what they want if people know how to repel them with the help of faith.

If you are still doubtful about your faith, you just think about the Lord and how He could stand so strong to realize what is actually happening behind the suggestion power of Satan. He always quick responded against those and repelled their effects. Armed with spiritual warfare, we humans could avoid getting possessed by the enemy.

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