How often, if ever, do you stop in your tracks and take a close look at your life? What if you were to take a moment right now and reflect on it. Are you in fulfilling, empowering relationships? Do you have the financial abundance you want? Are your days spent at a job or business that brings you joy? How is your health? Do you like what you see in the mirror when you look at your body? Are you living in the house of our dreams?

It is quite common for many people to go through their lives in the routines and patterns they have acquired years ago even if that does not bring the happiness and fulfillment desired. Thoughts and beliefs are picked up at an early age from our parents, religious leaders and extended family. Feelings around money, success, work and relationships are formed in our subconscious based on early observations. Most of us live with boundaries that are self-created from internalizing the world around us at a young age. If our parents fought, chances are we will find ourselves in a similar relationship. If our parents struggled financially, we have most likely incorporated false beliefs around money. If we grew up in a house where food was used as an emotional comfort tool, we are probably not happy with our body image and weight as an adult. We tend to repeat patterns that we learned early on and our belief systems are formed around those limitations. We will then create a life with only the upward boundaries of what we know. We may look at others with greater success and feel it is possible for them but not for us.

An interesting study was done years ago with elephants that illustrates the idea of learned limitations. Baby elephants were kept in a very small fenced in area for years. They could only roam around this small space until reaching a barrier fence on all sides that kept them contained in that area. Several years later the fencing was removed and instead of roaming free and wandering into the new unlimited space, the elephants walked round and round in the same small space that the fence had previously contained them in. Their brain was not “wired” to see the new freedom but instead repeated the learned limitations of walking in the area the fence had contained them in. Although very sad, this fascinating experiment illustrates how most people live their lives as they move into adulthood. How many self imposed limitations are you living?

The first step in breaking free and creating a new life with upward and infinite boundaries is to stop in your tracks and examine your life. Many don’t even realize they are living within that fenced in arena. Repeating the same daily routines and thinking the same thoughts without challenging the paradigms they stem from keeps people stuck. Luckily we were blessed with a rational high functioning brain capacity and an inner guidance system that connects us to source energy. If we learn to tune in to it, listen and find the courage to take action, it will guide us to an improved life.

Spiritual empowerment involves practices such as meditation, visualization, tuning into body clues and redefining old belief systems that are not serving you. Energy work such as Reiki to balance the chakras and up open the channels is very helpful. EFT (emotional freedom technique) is a very simple yet powerful tool that brings many of the resistant false beliefs from the subconscious up to the surface and then neutralizes them. Your body holds on to negativity in your muscles, nervous, electrical and emotional systems. EFT can clear these negative beliefs and experiences in as little as minutes.

Turning inward and finding your authentic voice is key to living an empowered life. Getting still through meditation and learning to listen to what your inner guidance system is telling you will serve you. We all have this little voice inside that knows the truth to our happiness but we often don’t take the time to quiet ourselves or listen to it. Many call it intuition. Can you remember ever getting a strong feeling to do something or perhaps not to do something but pushed that feeling away because of obligations or guilt or fear? Living authentically means following that little voice and trusting the universe to guide you to all that serves you.

Learning about the Law of Attraction and how this universal principle is bringing you more of what you are believing, thinking and feeling is another important part of spiritual empowerment. When you live from false paradigms instead of the empowered voice from within, you create more of the same and come to believe this as reality. Reality however is only what you have thus far created and continue to give your attention to. Reality can change as you release the false negative thoughts, tune in to the voice within and create paradigm shifts that will redefine your entire life! You truly can have it all. All the treasures around you can be yours. Your days can be filled with joy and purpose. Are you ready to create your life by design? You deserve it.

Author's Bio: 

Ellen Richter is a Spiritual Empowerment Counselor, Law of Attraction Life Coach, EFT practitioner and Reiki Master with degrees in Psychology and Special Education. In addition to her private coaching, EFT sessions and counseling, Ellen lectures across Long Island, runs private workshops and is available for both private and corporate speaking engagements/workshops. Ellen is highly respected in her field, has a loyal clientele and receives great joy from empowering people. Join Ellen's email list to receive a free mini ebook at or by phone at 631 326 6116