Times are tough. Have you heard? According to my ex-husband, I am disgustingly positive. He was the devil's advocate, so we were polar opposites. Sometimes that happens in a marriage. I was called Polly Anna or Little Mary Sunshine when I was growing up, so it was not something that happened after we married. His father was a big devil's advocate, so I doubt it was something new for him either.

I have been through some tough times. 1995 was a particularly tough year for many reasons and I don't want to depress anyone with what happened! It seems that 1-3 people in my life die about every 4-5 years. Last year was one of those years.

So what do my hard times have to do with spiritual marketing? When times are tough and I feel sad, I can't seem to keep ahold a money! (I'm from the South and that is not a typo. I meant to say it that way!) I have listened to a lot of Abraham audios, read their books, read books by Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Anthony Robbins, Candace Pert, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Louise Hay, and many many more. And I started reading this stuff as a teenager. I know a lot about beliefs and how they impact our lives. I know a lot about Science of Mind. And times get hard and it all goes out of the window! It's impossible to think a happy thought or feel grateful while you are feeing depressed or grieving! It just can not be done!

So I recently started an experiment. I want more clients. (Actually, I want more money and although I'm open to gifts, I am prepared to work for money. I also happen to love doing massage, so that makes it easy and even delightful for me to do so.) So I've been focusing on finding something to feel happy about or grateful for. Thinking about clients or money just upsets me, so I don't do it! When I start thinking about those things, it's called worrying so I stop myself. Since I seem to be completely unable to be happy about money or the absence of clients on my schedule, I focus on finding something else that I can feel happy about.I have found that I can always look out my window and feel happy about living in WNC. I absolutely love it here. The mountains totally inspire me. My daughter, Rinnie, was fascinated by fog, so even the foggy days work for me! On the foggy days I imagine her as the fog, surrounding me with love. It works for me and I guess that's all that matters...to me anyway! My son is another source of joy for me. He has always been so very delightful. (We had some rocky times through the teen years, mostly because I was depressed/grieving and not available to him, but that seems to be resolved and we are back to our wonderful relationship again. I had the joy of giving him a massage today. Thanks, Doug!) I also am so very blessed to have the most wonderful friends in the whole wide world! I can get very excited about my friends, and even extend that feeling to include my whole community. I am also grateful for my sweet critters. I like sharing my life with my furry friends. And my home. And my garden. And my health. And my neighbors....and on and on and on.

I have never been homeless. I have never been in prison. I have been pretty healthy. I have wonderful friends. I have never gone hungry. I have always had at least one vehicle. Compared with many, my life is blessed. I have much to be grateful for.

As I shift to gratitude, my whole being shifts. My body feels lighter and more comfortable. I'm not feeling so stressed about paying my bills. Hell, I'm not even thinking about my bills anymore! Or my appointment book. And then the phone rings or I get an email and the appointments are made, the bills are paid with ease and once again all is well in my world. The calls are pretty immediate. I had a great day on Tuesday, just taking care of myself and the phone was ringing by the afternoon! Really! The only thing that changed here was my attitude. There still is a recession (although I hear that it is easing now! Yea!). I still have bills. Those who have died didn't come back to life. Yet I feel better.

My challenge to you is this: Prove it. Prove it to yourself. Tell me how it works out.

Author's Bio: 

Pam Hauser, RN, LMBT, began her professional life as a Registered Nurse, first graduating from a Diploma program in 1976, then completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in 1982. She spent much of her nursing career in hospitals, and most of that time in critical care units. She has been a Head Nurse, a Nursing Supervisor, and completed four and a half years in the US Army Nurse Corps, with an honorary discharge as a Captain.

In 1997, she changed gears and went to the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts in Atlanta, GA. She began her practice of neuromuscular therapy in January of 1998. Through the years, she has learned many other modalities, with her principle practice having a clinical focus and concentrating on Neuromuscular Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. Her main goal with a client is to restore balance and functioning while promoting health and well-being. She moved to the mountains near Asheville, NC, in October of 2002, and opened her practice in January of 2003. Her website is http://www.phoenixmassageofasheville.com.