Spiritual Power: First Steps

An expert's handbook exists for beginners to spiritual power, an ancient book. We know it works because the lady who wrote it trained a group of women in the fifteenth century—during the Inquisition in Spain-- to pray so powerfully that a real estate empire was created that makes Donald Trump look like an amateur, a real estate empire that still exists. Did she put all the points in the book? We don't know that.

Deceptively simple suggestions are found here. Very easily overlooked suggestions. It is easy to disregard them because of the hyperventilating writing style of hers, which grows out of the exaggerated religious setting the fifteenth century was. You simply have to compensate for that in your modern head as you remember the captains of the Inquisition were looking over her shoulder as she wrote.

You can buy the book for a few bucks anywhere. It is the only book she wrote that is fairly easy to read because she wrote it to her close women friends. She is considered the premier mystical writer of Western literature because of Interior Castles, a book she was ordered (and nagged) to write by the leaders of the Inquisition. They also ordered her to write this book.

Her confessor, who was murdered by the Church, wrote Dark Night of the Soul, another premier Western mysticism tome. He, of course, was St. John of the Cross; and she was St. Teresa d'Avila. St. Teresa founded an order of Carmelite nuns, and was Mother Superior to them. The real estate empire was land donated by devotees. She taught her nuns to pray and to live the spiritual life (the traditional one of her day) that made those prayers effective.

A salient point I will never forget in Way of Perfection is that we never complain about injustice when it benefits us, only when we suffer from its effects. The main point in her book is to not care for your own comfort and benefit, even for your own health.

I won't spoil it for you. Read it! And be glad you don't live in her times.

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