Part of vibrant health is remembering where we belong in the scheme of the Cosmos. When I have forgotten Whose I am, this practice restores me to my place in the Cosmos instantly. I learned this practice from Jennifer Reif, author of The Holy Book of Mary Magdalene, a remarkable gathering of reconstituted ceremony.

Let your hands meet together in prayer; touch your Third Eye, and speak:

Everlasting Light.

Put your right palm on your left shoulder, and speak:

Holy Mother.

Put your left palm on your right shoulder, and speak:

Holy Father.

Let your hands meet together in prayer in front of your heart, and speak:

Sacred Child.

Open your hands to receive.

I Am that Sacred Child

In whom Mother, Father,

And Everlasting Light

Do now reside. Amen.

It takes very little time to do this ritual—it even works in office loo cubicles—and it is an immediate reminder that I belong here whether I’m feeling that way or not. I often change the final prayer to suit the situation.

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