Nowadays young people do not know the real meaning of spirituality, they know spirituality as doing pray in the temple or any religious work. Although, the reality has completely deferred to them as we think. The real meaning of spirituality is to make internal balance and Bring peace to the mind. As we see all over the world, we found everyone is depressed and restive, and the reason for that they don’t know. The American scientist file a claimed to find the mind that is responsible for Spirituality.

Out heart is so unstable, it becomes The heart is very playful and it keeps distracting all the time It is very difficult to control the mind. But spirituality is the only way through which the mind can be controlled. We get bored with monotony in life and start exploring the means of entertainment. We can not understand what is the reason for this emptiness. We take advantage of T.V., computer or entertaining book to please ourselves; this gives us relief for some time, but gradually tension and emptiness starts reducing on our mind. This tension and fatigue are actually our souls, which we can not understand. In order to overcome this tension and emptiness, we should surrender ourselves to spirituality.

If you have negativity or hatred then you have to surrender. Satisfaction and happiness are very important in life; other things will be known to come. The truth is that spirituality is nothing but your own internal balance and it should be felt very deeply with complete sensitivity. And once you make an internal balance, then your attitude towards your life changes completely. You will find life very easy and beautiful. Just need to recognize that knowledge hidden within yourself. Those who have wealth today, all the comforts of the world are not happy, and those who have nothing, they are also disturbed. If you are told to tell the truth, you are not living the life you are living, because once you start enjoying your life, then every difficult task will seem easy for you.

If there is no peace within your mind then find out how much you will never be able to satisfy yourself. Spirituality does not mean that you leave the rest of the world and just keep looking for spirituality. This means that once you consider whether you are living the life in the same way as you want. If the answer is 'no' then you need an internal balance which can be found only by meditation yoga and spirituality. Problems and difficulties will continue to come in life, but you have to change your thinking. You will face every problem with ease if your mind is stable and calm. Only once you see that spirituality is included in life, you will experience spiritual knowledge and will always be happy.

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I am Arpit Bhawsar, a writer at Talented India PVT. LTD. and we provides information of Spirituality in Hindi.