The people I work with (play with!) are wonderful. They are so willing to uncreate all the belief systems, past hurts and other limitations and to embrace radical transformation! I love what I do because I get to spend time with these courageous and creative people.

Generally we have a lot of fun and move a lot of energy. At the end of a session they feel really different, clear, peaceful and confident. Sometimes, a few days later they experience what seems like all the old crap coming back in the form of negative emotions or dramas in their lives. What is going on with that?

When you make a shift in consciousness (release limitations and raise your frequency), everything that doesn’t match the frequency of the new awareness will automatically come up and out for clearing. This could be emotions, thoughts, mental patterns and even physical symptoms.

I’ll use the metaphor of water to represent the programming, beliefs, suppressed emotion etc. that we all carry. This water is held in a vessel (your energetic system). When something is dropped into the water, then some of the water is splashed out.

When you clear a lot of old programs and emotions and regain more of your true self (like during an ImagiCreation session) your frequency raises. We'll call that shift a jewel or gem. When the gem is tossed into the water, what splashes out is everything that was limiting you in the past.

Another way that a gem can be tossed into your vessel is when something really loving and supporting is given to you. Imagine someone telling you that (s)he loves you very much. That's a nice big gem getting tossed into your glass. What splashes out is all the energy of feeling "un-lovable".

Have you ever had the experience of spending a glorious day with a lover? You have shared an intimacy greater than ever before. Then something happens... somebody makes a comment that starts a fight or at least creates bad feelings and distance between you. You had such lovely intimacy (the gem) and all the stuff that has prevented you from having intimacy in the past will come splashing out!

The reason the "negative" emotions are stored is that we have never had a safe space in which to feel them. Whether it was your father telling you that “big boys don’t cry” or your spiritual teacher telling you that you are supposed to stay in the positive emotions and “transmute anger into love”, basically, we are not supposed to feel or express fear, anger, hopelessness and shame. So when the splash-out comes up, most of the time we try to push is back down. What happens next is drama! When you suppress the splash-out then you will create or be attracted to a dramatic experience that brings up those feelings because your energetic system want to discharge those emotions.

A woman has the experience of true intimacy. She receives the "gem" of respect, appreciation, and lovability. A couple of days later she wakes up one morning feeling low. She isn't feeling good about herself (old shame and low self worth). But she doesn't want to feel that, and besides, she has to go to work.

At work she has to talk to lawyer on behalf of a client. He makes really rude and insulting comments to her out of no-where. Usually, she would be able to handle this, even though it is offensive, but today she blows her stack. She throws the phone down and refuses to talk to the man again. This is a very upsetting experience for her and she has a big emotional reaction.

What happened? Because she didn't experience and clear the emotions when she became aware of them in the morning, she created a drama that compelled her to have the emotions.

Splash-out is happening on a global basis as well. As we move closer to the 2012 date (and so many of us are transforming ourselves personally) higher frequencies are flowing into the planet. This is like shining a light into a filthy room that has been closed for years (or centuries or millennia!). Now we can see that smelly, nasty stuff once again. All the hidden things that reside in the lower frequencies of fear, shame and greed are being exposed. People who are carrying suppressed emotions and have no awareness of this process are being triggered. This can manifest as aggression (especially to “protect” areas of fear or shame), depression and, of course, drama.

If some of the old, negative emotions or thoughts come up. Instead of thinking, “Oh no, all this stuff is coming back again”, realize that these things are on the way out. Usually what splashes out is the opposite of whatever gem went in. Realize that this is a good thing, a symptom of your path to clarity and joy!

Once you recognize the emotion as splash-out, say to yourself, "Yea, here it comes, up for clearing!" Go into it, feel it, experience it. I think you will be surprised at how quickly it is gone. Your mind will want to attach a meaning or context to the emotions and try to figure it all out. That’s its job after all; to perceive sensory information and relate it to something it already knows. Tell your mind (yes, you can talk to it!) that it doesn’t need to figure this out; that what is needed is to simply feel it as it moves out of you.

The emotion that most of us old souls have the most resistance to is anger. It is not “spiritually correct” to get mad. Instead we try to figure out what we need to do, clear or change about ourselves so that we will no longer attract the person or situation into our lives. “What am I doing wrong that causes my boss to be so mean to me?”

One thing that I have found is that anger is usually your systems way of letting you know that you are giving away your power in some way. The more you suppress it, the more likely you are to create or be attracted to situations that trigger your anger.

Welcome to the Spiritually Incorrect Room!

This space is sealed off from everything else. There are no possible repercussions, physical, or spiritual (karma). What happens in the Spiritually Incorrect Room stays in the Spiritually Incorrect Room!

Within this room there is NO spiritual correctness allowed. That means no “I statements”, no prefacing with things like, “I know that you are doing the best you can…” or “I really do love you…” This is where you give voice to the angry child who is sick and tired of everybody having power over her/him. This is where you get to call names, swear, and even hit or stab.

For those of you who are thinking, “I would never do that!” get over yourself! There is a part of you that would like to, just once, tell the ex-spouse, boss, landlord, bank/financial institutions or perhaps even your Higher Self what you really think about them. If you knew that you would not go to Hell, get bad karma or loose points for being spiritual because you actually said or did these things, wouldn’t it be fun? (No animals were harmed in the making of this movie.)

The really fun part of the Spiritually Incorrect Room is that there are big, burly bodyguards that hold the person for you. You can even use a gag. Seal the room and then have at it! Tell them what you really think about them. Call names and even swear at them. Tell them that they will never treat you like that again! Tell them that you demand respect. Poke a finger into their chest or kick and punch if that feels better.

Keep at it until you feel peaceful and powerful once again. You deserve to be treated with respect. You are the most powerful being in your reality. It is OK to say, “I’ve had enough!”

Now we play a bit with the Star Trek Holodeck. Tell the computer to delete the offending program from your reality. Remember this is a sealed space. You are not killing anyone. What you are deleting is your own projection of that person as having power over you. Watch them be deleted from your reality. Doesn’t that feel good?

As we move ever closer to 2012 and ascension there will be more of the old, shadow energy coming up, personally and globally. The more you are able to clear your own material the less you will be triggered. And the more you will be able to keep your consciousness anchored in the New Reality. It’s not about always being positive (and therefore judging the negative). It is about having allowance for it all, which means stepping out of polarity, and from there having a chance to choose what you would like to experience and create.

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Sarah Biermann is an internationally renowned Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Channel, and is the founder of ImagiCreation. Clairvoyant and highly empathic, she works directly with the language of the unconscious mind to clear and transform limiting beliefs, implants, past life material and much more. Sarah can be reached at:
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