Imagine being surrounded in the open air by the most magnificent gardens, green lush grass, rambling rose bushes, loose beautiful bunches of flowers and greenery all swirling about. Placed amidst this natural wonder are chairs all around the gardens, large Turkish rugs spread out on the lawn, live music and magnificent tables filled with glorious foods like cakes, tea, sandwiches, salads and a bounty of desserts. Swirling about are guests dressed impeccably, playing games like croquet, badminton and horseshoes on a lovely sunny day. Welcome to an English style Garden Party! This tradition originated in the Victorian era. The sprawling rambling English garden was the perfect backdrop. Garden parties while lovely in most outdoor settings are simply not the same in very tightly groomed gardens with their gravel paths, perfectly trimmed hedges and manicured landscapes. There is something so romantic and enchanting about having a party in an English garden.

The Event of The Season

These events were splashy. Typically thrown by socialites on their large private estates were not picnics. Quite the opposite! Very upscale and elaborate these parties were announced with formal engraved invitations. Typically the garden party was one of the biggest events of the season and showcased the host’s elaborate property.

Throw Your Own Garden Party

Garden parties are some of the most lovely outdoor functions you’ll ever attend. Today, many of these events are far less formal than those of the Victoria era but no less wonderful. To get ideas for throwing your own garden party, there are books filled with inspiration and tips for throwing your own event (why not even look at a wedding event planning book for great outdoor party tips?). Whether a simple, laid back affair or something more elaborate down to the last detail that would take a team of design experts to pull it off, or something in between, whatever you do, long live the garden party!

What would your luxurious garden party look like?

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