Sports injuries
Sports injuries are injuries that occur in athletic activities or exercising. They can result from accidents, poor training technique in practice, inadequate equipment, and overuse of a particular body part.
Common Sports Injuries
A sprain is where one or more of your ligaments is stretched, twisted or torn. Ligaments are strong bands of tissue around joints. They connect one bone to another and help keep your bones together and stable.
A muscle strain is where muscle tissues or fibers are stretched or torn. A muscle strain is sometimes referred to as 'pulling a muscle'. Tendons can also be strained. A tendon is the tough, narrow tissue at the end of a muscle that connects it to the bone. Strains are caused by a muscle that is overstretched or that over-contracts.
A dislocation is an injury in which the ends of your bones are forced from their normal positions. The cause is usually trauma resulting from a fall, an auto accident, or a collision during contact or high-speed sports. Dislocation usually involves the body's larger joints.
Fractures are a common injury for people of all ages. Diagnosing a fracture can sometimes be complicated as it depends on location and how the fragments are aligned.
What Can People Do to Prevent Sports Injuries?
These tips can help you avoid sports injuries.
• Don't bend your knees more than half way when doing knee bends.
• Don't twist your knees when you stretch. Keep your feet as flat as you can.
• When jumping, land with your knees bent.
• Do warm-up exercises before you play any sport.
• Always stretch before you play or exercise.
• Don't overdo it.
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