Both the acts make a perfect body-“A Temple” indeed but keeping aside the “Temple” story for some time, we know what else one seeks with sports. The hype one gets from sports news is incomparable. Fact is better understood from the stance of favorite game. For Indians, It is Cricket. When Cricket news tells the story of overnight fame of Famous Sports Personalities, we get awestruck. It is this fame we are talking about.
Our body is said to be a temple of God. From our childhood we are told to keep it clean and beautiful as we keep our temples to facilitate His living in our body. The concept may sound old-fashioned but this ideology is established for mankind. It is believed to be in better shape to fight challenges of his life (that too with the aid of God). One way to accomplish this is Sports. When we play, we make strategies to win the game on suddenly posed situations. As a result, our concentration enhances. To make a right move in the same match we have to keep ourselves physically fit.

Way to Fame
People do various things to earn their living. We consider it best if one’s love turns out to be a source of earning. The feeling of elation reaches to its ultimate heights when people acknowledge the work. Sport accomplishes this dream. Interviews given by popular Famous Sports Personalities to sports news reporters are the stories about dream coming true.
On the occasion of Mother day, mothers of famous Sports Personalities were telling the world how their kids worshipped their “Temple”. Cricket News was also involved as usual as the stories were of Indian Celebs including winner of ICC World Cup 2011 winner team. What a notice worthy column for us!

Word of Caution
Everything looks good from a distance; Money, Fame, Fan-following, value of opinion and everything that comes with being role model. Despite this, all of them have one negative outcome. With fame comes expectation, failure to which can have life complicating consequences. From time to time, sports news has shown the fall of once most wanted Famous Sports Personalities.
In times like these, one must keep one thing in mind that nothing in this world is static. Somebody has to fall to let some other rise just that it doesn’t have to be a failure always. Australian Cricket team is four times World cup winner but this fact couldn’t stop Indian team to be the new world champion. Cricket news is a source of motivation for everyone who is in need.
Let’s celebrate Sports for a way to “Temple” and fame ridden salvation.

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