In search of a provider of sport data feeds? Look no further. SportMonks is the best company for fast and reliable sports data for an affordable price. SportMonks achieved a rapid growth simply by providing the best API’s available on the market. Their main focus is to provide the best support there is for their customers. Their goal is to provide the best sport data of a wide range of sports. Right now the soccer API is the biggest data feed, but more sports are coming very soon. Formula 1 and cricket are also available and they are currently testing basketball. Want to know more about the different SportMonks API’s? We’ll tell you more about them.

Football API

Is you website or app all about football? Use the SportMonks football API and benefit from all the services SportMonks has to offer. With their football API you do not only get fast and accurate live scores and events, but you can also look into extensive statistics per player, team and season. SportMonks offer the most accurate and advanced football data for a fair price. Their football API is easy to implement and their customer support is friendly and fast. With SportMonks football API you can provide various football fans with the leagues and data features they want to see. Are many German football fans visiting your website or using you application? We recommend you to choose a Bundesliga API. With over 1000 football leagues available you will find the league that fits your target group.

The best customer support there is

One of the biggest benefits you will experience with an API from SportMonks, is their incredible customer support. For question about their API you can always send them an email or fill in the form on their website. Some people prefer contact via social media platforms. Are you one of those people? No worries. You can also reach SportMonks via Twitter of Facebook. Their friendly support team will respond to you as soon as they can. SportMonks is currently developing a chatbot to help them help you. Their chatbot, named Sporty, can help you solve the simple questions. For example you can ask het wat leagues are covered in your plan, or at what time a game is being played. When you’re having trouble with the documentation, Sporty can be a big help.

Want to know more?

Are you curious about the possibility’s you’ll have when using a SportMonks API? Visit their website for more information or contact them directly. Their customer support is happy to help you out with all your questions.

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