News is the presentation of report on collected information on present or past events or incidents. It can be either in the format of printed papers or can be telecasted through news channels. News in the format of printed papers is called newspapers. The news is about all the issues and incidents which are happening around us. We can gain knowledge about many things by informative news, political news, sports news and more. People are more interested in sports news and this news includes cricket news, football news, and some other sports. This news not only provides information about sports but also provides information of famous sports personalities.

A sport is an entertaining and skilful activity which is organized as a competition and requires a good and fair play. Sport is game based on physical activity such as cricket, basket ball, etc. All the sports are not played as a competition there are some sports which are played for recreation and entertainment. Most of the people are interested in sports and some are interested in playing while some are interested in watching. Everyone likes to know time to time updates of the sports. So for such people sports news provides all information about the sports.

Sports news provides information about sports like cricket, volley ball, hockey, etc. Cricket is the one of the most popular sports. People living in different parts of world irrespective of their caste and religion play or watch cricket. The news which provides information about cricket is called Cricket News. It gives information of tournaments which are being conducted all over the world and matches which were played. By this news, we can also know which team won the match and which team lost the match. We can also know about popular tournaments like IPL, world cup and more.

Sports news also provides information of sports personalities along with sports. People who perform their work well and be as a role model for other people are called personalities. They play a vital role in increasing the pride of the country. People who play well and perform well are called sports personalities. They are a role model for other players in the sports. Many of the players inspired by this personalities, walk in their path to achieve success. We acquire knowledge of sports and famous players in sports by sports news such as cricket news, hockey news, basket ball news, football news, etc.

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