India is the country where most of the people speak Hindi language. Indeed Hindi is the mother language of the Indian people. Therefore, it is highly prioritize that news must be delivered in Hindi also to make it understandable for the Indian people who cannot understand the English language. News in Hindi is surely demanded by the Indian people to grasp more and more information. Currently, most of the news channels acknowledged this issue and started delivering sports news in Hindi. Indian people are inclined towards Hindi news and especially cricket news in Hindi. Thus, media channels whether it is print media or broadcasting media are providing comprehensive news to the people.

It doesn’t mean that news must only be published or broadcasted in Hindi language but there should be complete flexibility and options to provide news in both languages. This is the best strategy for the news channels. However, some of the news channels are providing news only in English via one broadcasting ID and delivering news in Hindi via another channel ID. In order to make balance between the Hindi and English news, media houses make proper strategy to get more and more audiences.

Mostly Cricket News in Hindi expected by the Indian audiences they expect that they must avail the news and cricket updates in Hindi as it is the mother language and most of the people only understand Hindi language. Whether news in hind issue evaluate in terms of companies’ terms or in terms of people demand, it is very vital aspect. The major section of the India population belongs to Hindi language and only read and speaks Hindi language so in order to cover them and make them audiences news channels must provide sports news in Hindi and other latest news in Hindi.

Overall, news in Hindi is the most vital aspect for the media houses as well as public. If media house wants to capture maximum audiences then they have to provide news in Hindi. However, it doesn’t mean that people of Indian only want Hindi news rather they also want some English news channels but Hindi news must be there. Mostly, people in India are crazy about the sports especially cricket so they want cricket news in Hindi. Therefore, it highly recommended that news channels must run a special news channels in Hindi that provides sports news in Hindi to the public. The balance between English and Hindi news channels will be ok if both languages news are presented to the public simultaneously.

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