Eating right and keeping fit is probably the most important part of an athlete’s life, second only to his training in the sport. Eating right means giving your body all the right things to eat at the right time and in the correct quantity. Lots of athletes suffer from a lack of knowledge about sports nutrition, which is why their game suffers. Whether it is tennis, hockey, baseball, cricket or soccer- all kinds of active sports require their players to be energetic and well toned.

Athletes, specially the young ones believe that quantity is the answer to all nutrition problems and therefore they eat more in order to consume more calories. They often eat unhealthily to achieve this target and hence damage their game in the long run rather than improving it.

Sports nutrition says that while extra calories do help an athlete during his game, it is much more important and effective to have a healthy and toned body than extra muscle and fat. Too many extra calories, especially by eating unhealthy fast food can have detrimental effects like premature fatigue and explosiveness or decreased acceleration.

Sports nutrition has developed as a separate field and there are many nutritionists who specialize in this area. If you are looking for some guidance, it is best to approach a sports nutritionist who will be able to tell you exactly what to eat, when and how to eat it. Nowadays, there are separate aisles in department stores and supermarkets where you can buy stuff to up your game.

When athletes and even non-athletic people want to lose weight, they often resort to extreme measures like starving themselves or exercising all the time and eating next to nothing. These measures while help you lose weight immediately are not permanent and definitely very harmful to your body. While implementing fast weight loss strategies, it is imperative that you consult a doctor and take his advice before you start anything.

The HCG diet short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a diet that should be undertaken only with the supervision of a physician. The HCG diet allows you to consume 500 calories a day along with HCG droplets. HCG is actually a hormone that is used for male and female infertility and therefore its consumption should strictly be only under a doctor’s approval. Moreover it is not safe to purchase these hormone droplets on the internet for you can never be sure of what you are receiving.

Always make it a point to purchase such medicines over the counter at a medical shop with a doctor’s prescription. The HCG diet is employed for doing away with waist fat and most people who have undertaken this diet with proper care and supervision have noted the benefits. Proper care and a physician’s supervision are key here for only a doctor can monitor your body and its responses and tell you if the diet will benefit or harm you in the long run.

So, whether you are an athlete looking for the correct sports nutrition or just someone looking to lose weight by following the HCG diet, make sure you take advice from the experts and shop at places you won’t be cheated.

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