Spring is around the corner and many people may consider doing a little spring cleaning at home. This can bring about a wonderful sense of excitement and a fresh burst of energy as we emerge from winter. For many people, spring means much warmer temperatures and a chance to finally open the windows again! This lets the stale air out and allows the new crisp air to come in.

Now, I want you to consider how not only doing a spring cleaning, but a spring de-cluttering will allow the energy to flow more easily throughout not only your home, but throughout your physical body.

When we have clutter around us it blocks the fluidity of our energetic flow. Imagine a beautiful garden filled with all of your favorite flowers, trees, butterflies or whatever brings you the most joy. Imagine a gentle, yet powerful, stream flowing quietly through your garden. How does that make you feel?

Now, I want you to imagine the stream being filled with trash – plastic bottles, newspapers, cans, sticks and other debris. The stream can no longer flow smoothly. It backs up and parts of it may become completely dry as it struggles to find a different way to move forward. How does this make you feel?

Clearly, there is a great need to remove the material clutter from your “stream” (your environment), but what you may not realize is that material clutter can also create emotional clutter as well. We hold memories and emotional reactions in our energetic bodies, which eventually become held in the physical body. When our sacred energy gets blocked we may start to discover physical ailments such as tension, achiness and disease (dis-ease).

Some of the material clutter you may have lying around may be directly related to unpleasant memories or at the very least it no longer supports or invigorates you. So, by removing this “trash” or “debris” from your stream you reopen a channel in your energetic body.

There is one more amazing thing you can add to spring cleaning and de-cluttering though. When you remove the items you no longer want or need take a moment to appreciate each one. Mentally (or verbally – as saying your thoughts out loud is even more powerful) thank each thing for its service to you. Maybe you find a plastic wrapper hidden under the bed – thank it for covering and protecting whatever it once held. You decide to get rid of old magazines – thank them for holding the words and pictures you once perused. There are old dishes you want to toss out – thank them for being available to hold your food. Truly take a brief moment to be thankful and grateful for all the things you pack-up to give away or dispose of.

Is this way beyond how you have de-cluttered or done a spring cleaning before? Well, try it. You might be amazed at how rejuvenating it can be to for you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Janelle Alex Ph.D., Co-Founder of Inward Oasis, is an International Media Host, Soul Collaboration and Blended Spirit Guide and Author, who, along with her partner Rob Alex, is globally awakening couples to the blended spirit in relationships. After helping connect people to their inner selves for over 25 years, she has an amazing understanding of how to find YOU and be YOU, which is the foundation for any phenomenal relationship. As a Gift to You she offers you FREE access to an audio version of module one of Collaborate with Your Soul, an Intimate Adventure, a Sexy Challenge, 3 Keys to Happiness in Your Relationship and the Inward Oasis monthly newsletter.