Spring Framework is the most popular Java Framework ever. It continues to evolve with changing architectures. Spring Boot is one of the most popular Spring projects. Spring Boot is the most used Java framework to develop RESTful Services and Microservices.
Preparing for Spring Interview is tricky. There are wide variety of Spring Modules and Spring Projects you would need to recollect and be prepared to answer questions on.You would need to get a good understanding of the new features of Spring and have firm grasp of the concepts you implemented in your projects.
This course helps you prepare for Spring Interview with code examples covering 200+ Spring Interview Questions and Answers on Spring, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, JPA, AOP, RESTful Services and SOAP Web Services.
List of questions discussed about each topic is listed below.
• What is Loose Coupling?
• What is a Dependency?
• What is IOC (Inversion of Control)?
• What is Dependency Injection?
• Can you give few examples of Dependency Injection?
• What is Auto Wiring?
• What are the important roles of an IOC Container?
• What are Bean Factory and Application Context?
• Can you compare Bean Factory with Application Context?
• How do you create an application context with Spring?
• How does Spring know where to search for Components or Beans?
• What is a Component Scan?
• How do you define a component scan in XML and Java Configurations?
• How is it done with Spring Boot?
• What does @Component signify?
• What does @Autowired signify?
• What’s the difference Between @Controller, @Component, @Repository, and @Service Annotations in Spring?
• What is the default scope of a bean?
• Are Spring beans thread safe?
• What are the other scopes available?
• How is Spring’s singleton bean different from Gang of Four Singleton Pattern?
• What are the different types of dependency injections?
• What is setter injection?
• What is constructor injection?
• How do you choose between setter and constructor injections?
• What are the different options available to create Application Contexts for Spring?
• What is the difference between XML and Java Configurations for Spring?
• How do you choose between XML and Java Configurations for Spring?
• How does Spring do Autowiring?
• What are the different kinds of matching used by Spring for Autowiring?
• How do you debug problems with Spring Framework?
• How do you solve NoUniqueBeanDefinitionException?
• How do you solve NoSuchBeanDefinitionException?
• What is @Primary?
• What is @Qualifier?
• What is CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection)?
• Does Spring Support CDI?
• Would you recommed to use CDI or Spring Annotations?
• What are the major features in different versions of Spring?
• What are new features in Spring Framework 4.0?
• What are new features in Spring Framework 5.0?
• What are important Spring Modules?
• What are important Spring Projects?
• What is the simplest way of ensuring that we are using single version of all Spring related dependencies?
• Name some of the design patterns used in Spring Framework?
• What do you think about Spring Framework?
• Why is Spring Popular?
• Can you give a big picture of the Spring Framework?
Spring MVC

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