Does a current injury keep you from participating in athletic endeavors? Perhaps you have persistent injuries that keep coming back, no matter what you do. Or you feel drained and as if you have lost focus and strive. Is your energy level low?
Spring is a time of renewal. So here are seven steps you can take to make long-term changes that will help you recover, refocus and succeed. Start by making adjustments from the inside out.
1. Be optimistic. Simply create your own optimism. No matter what the situation, put a positive spin on it. Turn obstacles into opportunities.
2. Visualize your success. Take time to breathe deeply in a quiet environment and remember the healthy you. Visualize what it felt like to be fully functional and pain-free. Bask in it for ten minutes a day.
3. Be thankful for what is working. No matter what health or other problems you might encounter, there is always something that does work. Focus on that with gratitude. It will summon more events and circumstances to be grateful for.
4. Develop a technique to cope. Challenges do occur in life. They are inevitable visitors. It is up to you to allow a short stopover or invite a long stay. Learn to immediately implement coping strategies like deep breathing, exercising, or count to 10. Then, without dwelling in them for a long time, begin to practice Step 1-3.
5. Stop comparing. Release all beliefs that you have to keep up with others. Envy and jealousy as well as not believing in your own value will keep you stuck in your situation. Instead appreciate who you are for who you are, not for what you or others have.
6. Eat organic food. Nothing is more nourishing to your body than food that has been grown without pesticide, artificial hormones or radiation. Choose produce derived from healthy plants, preferably grown locally. Start with having one organic meal a week.
7. Take care of your body. Remember the connection of body, mind and spirit. If one is out of synch the others will be affected. You can approach either one of the three aspects to initiate positive change. Simply by exercising a little every day, you soothe your soul. By allowing enough sleep, you calm your mind.
Your body has the ability to heal itself. What is true for a cut or a scrape that is repaired while you watch is true for any other part of your body. CranioSacral therapy facilitates the ability to heal from the inside out and helps you move from injury and illness to long-lasting health.

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Kerstin Tracy, M.S. in Physical Education, is a licensed holistic health practitioner and massage therapist specialized in CranioSacral Therapy. She has studied at Upledger Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, FL since 2003. Her office is at 6135 Lakeside Drive, Ste. 119 at Path to Wellness. For more information, visit or call (775) 400 0058.