Summer, winter, and fall have their perks, but spring is the most lovable of the four seasons and one of the reasons why is because it marks the beginning of the grilling season.

1.Benefits of Springtime

There are so many scientific reasons why springtime is so great.


Moderate temperatures

Spring brings the perfect balance between freezing winter cold and the summer heat. The temperature just feels right. Even research shows that people tend to be most comfortable at temperatures of about 72°F.


More daylight

Following the spring equinox, we get to enjoy more daylight which means more time to get things done during the day or just get out outside and enjoy . A 2016 study from Brigham Young University found that the longer the sun was up during the day, the less mental distress people experienced. Moreover, when the sun sets later in the evening, a study published in the Review of Economics and Statistics found that robbery rates fall. More sunshine is also good for the body as it allows us to get out vitamins naturally as sunlight triggers our body to produce the sunshine vitamin D, which does a lot more for our health besides keeping our bones strong. More daylight is also good for your wallet as you will need less artificial light which translates to a lower Met-Ed utility bill.


Animals are all around

Birds that migrated south during winter come back to sing you a song just outside your window. A 2017 UK study found that the more birds people could see in their neighborhoods, the better their mental health. Many animals also reproduce in the spring as temperatures are warmer and food is plentiful. Cute baby bunnies, ducklings, chipmunks, and other adorable animals melt even the coldest of hearts.


It gets our creative juices flowing

A 2005 University of Michigan study found that spending time outside in the sunny spring weather boosts our mood and broadens our minds, allowing our creativity to blossom.


Flowers everywhere

Flowers bloom in the spring, giving us a treat for the eyes and the soul as several studies have shown that looking at flowers can make you happy. It’s amazing what a little sun can do for plants and grass as spring brings green growth back to plants and trees. In other words, spring brings everything to life.


2. Planning a Perfect Outdoor Cookout

The birds are singing, the sun is shining brighter, and the flowers are blooming. Spring is here and it’s time to dust off the grill to make some delicious meals.


The beauty of grilling is that you can get a large menu that is both easy to pull off as well as tasty. All you need for this type of cookout is one typical backyard grill – charcoal or gas, large aluminum tins and aluminum foil. A memorable menu can be as simple as a gourmet burger topped with guacamole, juicy bratwurst sausages, and blue cheese coleslaw. These items at the heart of the menu can be complemented by any other simple dish.


Get the ingredients

Make sure that meat, Worcestershire sauce, buns, coleslaw, red cabbage, apple cider vinegar, celery salt, mayonnaise, mustard, parsley, kosher salt, blue cheese and black pepper are in place.


Make a cooking plan

You can make the coleslaw the night before, just cover it with plastic wrap and leave it in the refrigerator- it will actually get even better with each passing day. You can also leave the burgers in the Worcestershire sauce overnight for the sauce to sink in. Two or three hours prior to your meal, prepare the fresh guacamole and cover it tightly.


Grill it right

Bratwurst sausages should be cooked first on the grill and then wrapped tightly in a large aluminum serving tin because they hold their heat for a long time when covered, plus they are fatty and juicy, so they won’t dry out. After they’re done, you can place the burgers.


3. Ultimate Grilling Tips

Here are some ways you can use your grill to its full potential.


Prep it

Clean your grill from the inside out. All you need is a sponge and soapy water. A charred coating on grates doesn’t add flavor, it’s just dirt that hinders performance. It also won’t allow grill marks to form. Spray water through burner tubes where insects like to hide during winter and check the grease pan as you don’t want a fire incident to take place.


Get the good stuff

When buying meat or whatever you will grill, buy the best. To get the best flavor, you need the best ingredients.


Use tongs

Grilling forks will pierce the meat, causing flavorful juices to flow out and the cut to lose its shape. Avoid cross contamination by using one pair for uncooked meat and the other for cooked meat. Tongs are just as good for handling veggies such as thin asparagus.


Get help from the meat thermometer

A thermometer helps you get that not-too-overcooked nor not-too-undercooked perfection. Is there anything more disappointing than cutting your meat and losing all the good juices as you realize it’s not done yet.


Don’t forget about veggies

Besides the convenience, they will actually taste better with a smoky flavor.


Don’t forget about aluminum foil

Putting the food in aluminum foil after grilling will keep all the good flavor inside and make cleanup a breeze.



What are you waiting for? Get your favorite sauces out and start grilling and enjoying springtime as this perfect weather won’t last forever!

Author's Bio: 

I am Alexander Fernandise