It’s springtime in 2021, and it’s looking like we might get to go outside again soon. So, what should we do to celebrate? I think we should come out with a bang with new springtime styles and looks. Show with your glow that the future is bright, and you are the star! It’s time to experiment and determine what suits you best.

Some of the Spring makeup trends that will ensure you are glowing include:

Vibrant Red Lips
Lipstick is among the most common cosmetics worldwide. There are different types, and you should choose a color that suits you, depending on your skin tone. With vibrant red lips, sometimes you do not need to add any more makeup. This has been a winner across time and cultures the world over.

Pared-Down Skin
Some people cannot stand too much makeup. You don’t have to be obsessed with overly flashy makeup if it doesn’t suit your style. For your skin to look good, you are supposed to take good care of it. There is no need to hide your skin. You can show it off well and enhance it, and you will see how beautiful you are naturally. Try a lighter approach to makeup application and see how you like it.

A Strong, Black Eyeliner
Masks are currently the new norm, which means it is better to use an eyeliner that is bolder and bigger. In the past seasons, more fin colors have been used, and many unique ideas have been formed in terms of shapes and all that. With the black eyeliner, you should formulate a strong shape on your eyes, and you should ensure it is bold enough. Your eyes are the windows to the soul. Frame them well.

Money Eyelids
For this makeup trend, the eyelids are used as the canvas. You should take various eyeshadow colors and apply them around the lower and upper lids to create a halo shape. There are many combinations that you can use for this makeup trend. If you’ve got a flashy outfit, add some shine or chromatic elements to your makeup.

Juicy Lips
Many trends have come about since the 2000s, and lip gloss has become common. Unlike the lip gloss used in the past, the current formulas usually ensure the lips have a full and shiny look, and stickiness will not be a major issue. Fortunately, juicy lips will go with any type of makeup combo.

Fresh Flush
You are supposed to apply the blush around the nose and the cheeks. The only issue is that people usually exaggerate it, but it can be charming. You can use liquid and creamy products in this case since they will melt and get dissolved into the skin. If you are worried about skincare and the impact of your makeup, you can try some of the different skincare and makeup products out there like Jennifer Bradley cruelty free makeup.

White Eyeliner
Eyeliner can be worn on many areas (except for the lash line). You can experiment with different shapes. In this case, why not try out a graphic swipe? White is preferable since it is a seasonal color and it is not as common, which means you will be out of your comfort zone. With white as your preferred choice, your eyes will look brighter and bigger, and trying something new is the kind of brave spirit the world needs in 2021.

You should have fun with the makeup such that there is no need to copy everyone. You can look for inspiration from platforms such as TikTok or Pinterest. People on these platforms utilize the freedom of expression, and they try to actualize different ideas. You will realize that it is possible to come up with an idea that is unique and creative. What matters most is getting that signature look.

Try out each of the makeup trends listed above. The most intriguing trend is self-expression, and there’s an abundance of makeup that you can use to do it in your unique way. You can carry out some trial and error, and you will realize that you have come up with a signature look that other people may want to try out. There’s never been a better time to be a trendsetter!

Author's Bio: 

Reggie Moore is a professional writer and proto-entrepreneur. When not trying to tinker with a new thing, process, or idea, Reggie can usually be found saying the words “Well, actually…” to an unsuspecting bystander.