For a long time I have been amazed by how our outer technology reflects our internal multi-dimensional ability.
Soul Clearing is sort of like hitting the re-set button on our souls mission here.
If we get off course we are spinning our wheels until we get back on track.
We might have got off track our self or we might have been misdirected by various sorts of beings. Some wearing a physical body and some not.
I sort of look at this like choosing spy ware for a computer.
The computers I use are a PC, and two lap tops.
When my computers get really slow and start having malfunctions or glitches, I know I need to run a check, clean the cookies or cache.
Actually it is my husband who needs to do that. I just know something isn't the way it should be. Please fix it honey! LOL!
When that happens he might need to run spyware on my computers to make sure they havn't been compromised.
If it has been compromised it will tell him he has some issues and make suggestions for curing them. My spyware can find the culprit/trojan/virus and remove it or destroy it.
Then he usually have to re start my computer. Some times I have to download my programs again.
If you use a Mac you don't have to run spyware, they don't get attacked like PC's do. There firewalls ect.. are better able to handle and rebuff attacks.
Our energy bodies are like a PC we are vulnerable to entities, miasims, thought forms,and all sorts of psychic creeps. Even watchers, stalkers and what I call dark lords.
These creepy psychic entities make a living off our fears and negative emotions of any kind.
Negativity is their window in to our space.
Mother Theresa probably ran a Mac energy space.
She is a very evolved being and has developed savvy over time to help her be in that place.
For the most part, the rest of us run PC grade. We have vulnerabilties.
The more that we desire to be light workers, the more we have to protect our space. Dark spirits very much want to keep the light down.
Knowledge is power, the more we learn of techniques to help us clear the better off we can be of service to the mass consicous mind.
A soul clearing has to be done with specific verbage, and training in order to delete these entities and negative programs that might be running parts of your life.
It is not enough to think happy thoughts and it will all be ok. Some times we have to take progressive actions. It is a part of being responsible for taking care of our self.
Just like I daily take care of my PC's. When we get into a higher evolved state of being like a master energy we are more like the mac, we don't need spyware any more. We have much better protection in place.
Until then it is a good idea to be pro-acitve and clear off programs that are not serving us.
Becasue Mother Earth is raising her vibrations we need to do the same. We have to otherwise we will have to go to another dimension to keep these old illusions. Which is ok too. To move forward means letting go of our attachments to the old paradigm.
I offer soul clearings to help clear off negative programs and then download new software called Divine Destiny Clearings to help you step out of illusions and move forward into what you really came here to do.
How do I know if I have entities or viruses?
When we have viruses or entities, or our shields have been compromised we will not feel able to make progress, we might feel like a dark cloud looms over us, maybe see ugly spirits, our ability to prosper and earn could be greatly diminshed.
Even keep a job.
We might feel like we are beating our head against the wall in life.
One of the clearings that we will do is called
An Abundance Diversion Valve Clearing. This re-sets your valves so you can channel the rightful soul energy you should have access to, toward your dreams and goals. When it is blocked it is like some spyware has crept into your self and has stolen your credit cards and ID. You are like frozen, can't take care of your self until this has been resolved.
We will also do the Divine Destiny Partner clearing which helps us to connect to other people who can compliment us.
There are several grid destiny clearings and we will have our shields re-set. If there are any attachments, entities, miasims or various ick on your golden web it will be cleared off.
This is an investment in your self! You can purchase your clearing at my marveena web site.
I am a big believer in the value of numbers. The value of the clearing price is a 9 by the law of energy return your investment will come back to you. What this means to you is that the amount that you spend will be returned to you by Sacred law 9 times what you spent. It is Law! I love this.

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MarVeena the Ghost Queen lives on a horse ranch near Dallas, TX. As a young woman she had a Near Death Experience that altered the course of her life. As a result of the injuries she began having visions and conversations with people no longer living. This got her started on a life long pursuit of spiritual understanding and awakening.
Now she gives special mediumship readings and teaches self mastery programs through out the US.
For more information you can go to her web site here: