Creating an appealing e-Book is always very time-consuming. But e-Books are important when it comes to boosting your marketing pitch. For that reason, people are always creating these marketing materials. There are several tools used to create an e-Book in the market. However, there hasn’t been one so far as effective as Sqribble. Keep reading to know more.

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is an e-Book creating tool packed with a variety of features that help produce professional e-Books. It has a tone of different and high-quality templates and attractive covers. All these give your e-Book an elegant and classic appeal.

Sqribble is created by a renowned online entrepreneur, Adeel Chowdhry. Creating an e-Book has become so easy with this software. Even newbies can enjoy creating quality e-Books using Sqribble as no technical skills are required to use it.

Key Features

Automatic content: This feature enables you to add top-notch content to your e-Book automatically. You only select your niche and the content is added by a click of a button.

E-covers: The Sqribble app comes with a ton of professional high-quality covers. You can utilize these covers instantly anytime you’re creating your e-Book.
Agency Rights: Easily come up with your design agency with this feature. Make some good money by creating beautiful e-Books for your marketing agencies. Additionally, there’s an agency license included in the package to let you come up and sell e-Books

Training Center: As mentioned, you don’t need any special prior training to use Sqribble. It’s loaded with a detailed training center to give you step-by-step training on how to get yourself started.

Fully Customizable: With Sqribble, you’ve all the freedom to create e-Books the way you like or need them. You have the freedom to customize all the aspects to create an e-Book that shows your products in style.

Client Feedback Tool: You can conveniently collaborate with your clients and get their feedback regarding the e-Book in progress. You don’t need to rely on other means of communication. You can do it directly using this feature which means that you save a lot of time.

How does it Work?

Sqribble works most simply ever. With its ton of features, you just need to choose your category, theme as well as the layout. Then add images and automatically generate the content. Make a few final changes and your e-Book is ready in minutes!

Sqribble Pros

• Easy-to-use, drag and drop kind of an interface
• Create beautiful and professional e-Book in minutes
• A selection of features to help you produce the best e-Book
• Freedom to customize your e-Book depending on your needs, taste, and preferences

Sqribble Cons

• There are features that only come with the commercial versions

Sqribble Price

To get this software, you’ll need to download it for $67 only. Various bonuses come with the subscription, including eligibility for commercial license and an agency website. You can get the costs of Sqribble commercial versions on their website.

Final Thought

Any tool that can create outstanding e-Books is a must-have for every online marketer. So far, there’s no better e-Booker creator than Sqribble. This software is user-friendly. It comes packed with all the professional templates and covers to create the best e-Book.

A lot of people have reported that one only needs a few minutes to create a stunning e-Book. Whether you need Sqribble for small-scale or commercial purposes, this software won’t disappoint.

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