Squint eye is a very common eye condition prevalent around the world. It is an eye condition that mostly develops at a very early age. That said adults too develop this eye condition due to some other medical conditions. However, this is a condition that can be treated depending on the severity and the kind of squint eye condition that a person develops. Explaining more on the eye condition we have given details on what is a squint eye and its related treatment and remedies that one should be aware of. But before getting into the details of treatment and remedies let us first understand what is a squint eye condition.
What is a Squint Eye?
Squint eye is a condition in which the eyes seem to look in different directions. This generally happens when muscles that control the eye movement lose balance or control and when the visual axes of the eyes fail to meet the object, resulting in a squint. Squint in the eye may happen partially in one or alternates between two eyes. The squinting may turn in (converge), turn out (diverge), or may even turn up or down. Sometimes misalignment in the nerves may also result in a squint or can also happen due to an injury.
People generally believe squint eye is a lifelong condition that cannot be treated. However, on the contrary, it can actually be treated and if the conditions are not very severe can also be treated without surgery under the supervision and guidance of squint eye specialists in Mumbai or any other city that you reside in. Squint eye condition in a child is normally attributed to genetics and hereditary causes. Also as mentioned earlier adult squint eyes may be caused due to some medical conditions like cerebral palsy or stroke or even due to lazy eyes or are farsighted. Sometimes it is hard to find the actual causes of squint eyes. But that said, there are a good amount of treatments available to cure the condition. So, let us take a look at some of the treatments available for a squint eye condition.
Treatment for Squint Eye
Before we share the different treatment options available for squint eye, we recommend readers consult the best squint eye specialist in Mumbai for the right treatment advice. This is because the treatment for the eye condition varies based on the severity and underlying cause of the squint. If a squint is caused due to lazy eyes, an ophthalmologist may prescribe an eye-patch treatment or if the squint is due to farsightedness then the person may be prescribed wearing glasses along with other treatments. Below given is a list of treatments often recommended by the best eye doctors in Mumbai.
Eye Patch- As mentioned earlier an eye patch may be recommended if the squint is the resultant of having a lazy eye. In this, the eye patch is placed on the good eye to train the affected one to work properly. The brain often takes signals of a stronger eye that passes the image. So, with an eye patch, it will push the weak eyes to work better and correct themselves.
Eyeglasses – If there is a problem with the visual axes of the eye an eyeglass can probably fix the problem. Also, the use of prism glasses can cure double vision as the images are realigned into one complete whole.
Eye exercises- Eye exercise in isolation may not help with the treatment but together with other treatments work wonders for curing the eye condition. Based on the cause and severity the squint eye specialist may recommend certain eye exercises.
Surgery- Surgery is the last resort to the treatment of squint eyes. This is usually recommended when the condition is a little severe. This step is taken to ensure a lifelong cure and gives good results if done early. So at times, there are issues with eye muscles or neurons which require a small surgery. Depending on the issue to be resolved the doctor recommends surgery along with medications to correct the eye condition.
As for most of the medical issues, early diagnosis and treatment is effective and so consulting an ophthalmologist for appropriate treatment is a way to change a squint back to normal. We strongly recommend visiting the best squint eye specialist in Mumbai for consultation and treatment for squint eyes.

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