This beautiful beach island is home to lot of tourist attractions, and lot of them are unknown to most travelers because of the 30 year war. But now all of them are over country is peaceful island paradise again and ideal place for summer holidays. Because of this tourism industry on the rise and this island is not much of a secret anymore to the outer world anymore. As a Solo traveler you can hire a guide for your vacation and get in touch with Sri Lankan's easily. Or you can arrange day tours from the main cities. And also I would like to recommend good camera because scenarios too beautiful and there are plenty of things to do in Sri Lanka.

Visiting The Ancient Sites Of The Island One Of The Best Things You Can Do In Day Tours.

After Arriving Sri Lanka, I left Colombo immediately because there are lot of places of interest Sri Lanka, when comparing to the Colombo City. I visited Anuradhapura, oldest capital of the paradise. I cycled around the ancient city and captured some great photos. After that I Visit the ancient city of Polonnaruwa 2nd oldest capital of the island. Both these cities are less crowded tourist sites in my opinion but there's lot of things to do in here.Then I moved to Sigiriya and spend the night there in the morning hiked to the both Sigiriya and Pidurangala sites. Both are beautiful but Sigiriya is ancient rock fortress and more crowded.

After these ancient sites I traveled to Kandy, starting my hill country tours. You can completed Kandy in one day, and day tours are famous there because Kandy is an ideal place 2-3 day vacation. Lot of tourist attractions are very close to another so one day is more than enough. You can Visit tooth temple, Bahiravakanda temple, Peradeniya Botanical garden within a day. Also the Palace of Kandy situated near to the temple tooth and can see lot beautiful paintings. After some good sleep I traveled in to the deep high mountains, Ella little town in mountain now famous for little Adams peak and Ella rock and also for nine arches bridge, Rawana falls etc. It's fills with lush greenery and mist you feel you are walking trough clouds. Best place place to spend English themed holidays with tea cakes etc.

South Coast ,The Island's Beach Paradise

After spend the two awesome days in Ella I took the Ella - Wellawaya road and reached to the South coast in the island. I spend one day each in all Mirissa and Galle and Hikkaduwa beach towns. Each town has their own unique character. Mirissa famous for beautiful beach and whale watching, Galle is known for UNESCO heritage Galle fort and Hikkaduwa famous for incredible beaches and turtles. I witnessed all these things and really wonderful experiences. So before a day leaving this gem, I reach to the now capital; Colombo witnessed some the attractions city has to offer like Galle face green, Gangaramaya temple, Independence square are some of them. After all I can say is two weeks itinerary to the paradise is not a waste of time and i witnessed some amazing things, And I'll be back for some more things to do in Sri Lanka. Because there lot of places of interest Sri Lanka to discover as a traveler, yes this tiny island is full of surprises.

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