Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an efficient commission set up by the government of India. It works for the welfare of the country by recruiting capable individuals in government departments by conducting exams and interviews. SSC deals with the recruitment of candidates for the non-technical posts in various departments of the government. However, it makes sure that the candidates recruited by it, are highly intellectual, have a good knowledge of the area they are working in and have immense potentiality. However, their main criterion to recruit individuals is by testing their general knowledge. Often questions in the question paper are included regarding the general affairs in India at the present. For example- a candidate appearing for the exam in 2012 needs to have full knowledge of general affairs in that year and a few previous years.
We all are aware of the growing importance of general knowledge awareness. Each area requires individuals who are not merely qualified in textual knowledge but have a sound knowledge of the current affairs. Similar is the approach of SSC, which aims at recruiting candidates who know the worldly affairs, especially the ones dealing with India. With every passing year, the number of general knowledge question papers in India has increased. This is mainly due to the growing realization that an individual should have a major knowledge of the current affairs in order to contribute fully to the country. Especially, in case of SSC where candidates are recruited for government posts. The recruited candidates become a part of government of India and it would be unjustifiable if they lack knowledge of their own country. You can work on your general knowledge for the SSC exams by reading newspapers, magazines, radio, news channels etc. If you want to appear for any SSC exam in 2012, start preparing now and get hold of the entire major event taking place around you. Quizzes can also help you perform better in your exams and would give you a vivid picture of general knowledge in all areas.
So start preparing now and pay major focus to the general knowledge of India which would not only help you clear the SSC exams but would also clear the interview level which usually follows these exams.

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