SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 2012 for the SSC Recruitment 2012 is just around the corner and here are a few examination halls do’s as well as don’ts while doing your paper.

Examination Hall Do's
• Carry Important Documents: Make sure you have all your important documents with you when you go to the examination hall. Carry original proof of your photo identity proof as well as photocopies.

• Reach on time: Plan your journey in such a way that you will reach well before the exam. This can save you from unnecessary panic in the end. Its better being early than going through an anxiety attack.

• Manage your time well: While doing your paper you have to keep in mind that you just 120 minutes and you have to complete 200 objective questions. So make sure you do not panic and you read the questions thoroughly without rushing into writing the answers because there might be negative marking too in the paper.

• Read and follow the instructions carefully: If you are not sure about what to fill, ask your test administrators or your invigilators. Follow the instructions that are given at each and every stage of the examination.

• Strategy for writing your solution: keep your calm and attempt the questions whose answers you are 100% sure about because this will help in boosting your level of confidence as well as save a lot of time. Choose your answers with caution as there will be negative marking.

• Relax, it is only an exam: keep your calm while doing the paper and just give your best try. Do not get anxious or too tensed about completing the paper

Examination Hall Don't

• Remember not to lose your confidence while writing the paper because if you do that, your entire paper might just for a toss

• Do not distract yourself while giving the exam. Do not waste your time looking here and there

• Do not carry any books or paper or mobile phones or any gadget to the examination hall because you might get disqualified for writing the exam

• Do not fold or wrinkle or cause any damage to your answer sheet because any damage caused, the correction system will not able to process your answers correctly

• Do not get involved in any sort of unfair means during the exams because if caught it will lead to immediate disqualification during any selection process or any stage of your exams.

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