Today's generation is showing a keen interest towards public sector jobs. Even though the private sector has the equal number of job opportunities or even perhaps more, the charm that the public sector offers has its own magnetic force. The young generation craves for status and power, which only government jobs can provide them. Apart from the healthy salary that a government job has to offer, it also gives you exciting privileges like housing facilities, free transport, bonuses, free flight charge twice and year etc. The amount of additional facilities one gets, also depends on the post he/she is in. All these factors have led to the wide growth and popularity of government sector jobs. However, it is not easy to choose a handful of meritorious candidates from the lakhs of those who appear for a single vacant post in any government job. Thus, it was very essential for the government to give this task in safe and efficient hands. It has done so by giving the responsibility of recruiting candidates to Staff Selection Commission. It is a highly efficient commission which recruits candidates in large numbers every year for many non-technical jobs in the government sector. Like every year, in 2012, while many await their result of previous years' performance, others are glued to their books in order to bag themselves a seat for the desired government job.

Staff Selection Commission or SSC is a commission set up by the government to recruit candidates for non-gazetted or non-technical posts in the various departments of the Indian Government. SSC has its network spread all over India which helps it to involve all the states of India equally for various recruitments. It has its main headquarter in Delhi. Here, an annual report is presented to the main head, where the SSC representatives discuss the annual work do SSC and discuss special cases, which need immediate attention.

To clear an SSC exam requires much efforts. Unlike other exams, it dedicates a major portion of its questions to current affairs. This means, you can never be sure of what you can be asked about and hence you need to be abreast with the current state of your environment. Also, recruitments are conducted through many ways like interviews only, exams only, or interview and exams both. The eligibility criterion differs for various posts and all the important information like SSC results 2012, the posts offered by SSC in 2012, roll number, syllabus etc is available on the official website of SSC.

Candidates planning to appear for any exam of SSC in 2012 must keep themselves updated with latest news. Preparing for a week or so will not help you to clear the SSC exam. Due to the challenging question paper and the high competition, your preparation must be better than the others which means, giving months to prepare yourself for any SSC exam.

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