Today a large mass of youth is inclined towards getting a "Government Job". The term applies to all those jobs which come under public sector. Government jobs are always preferred due to the handsome income they offer, the power and status they attach to your post and the additional facilities that come alone like free transport, flats, phones, laptops etc. Government sector employees lead a healthy life which is followed by a strong pension facility. However, due to the popularity of government jobs, there is stiff competition in this field. For a single post, there are lakhs of aspiring candidates, which make it very selection a difficult procedure. Thus, a unifying body is essential to conduct the recruitments, that too in an unbiased manner. Such a commission has been set up by the government, called Staff Selection Commission. It is an efficient commission that recruits candidates for non technical and non-gazetted posts in various departments of the government of India. Every year, it offers different posts, conducts examinations and interviews, and select the most deserving of the lot. Similar practice would be repeated in 2012, however like every year, the difficulty level will increase one notch higher.

SSC, stands for Staff Selection Commission which has loyally served the Indian Government since many years. Since after its set up, it has conducted many examinations and interviews and recruited lakhs of candidates. However, with every passing year, it aims to increase the difficulty level and set a higher benchmark to choose candidates. This does not stop it from being the most sought after exam. Every year, lakhs of candidates apply for SSC exam, however only a few meritorious ones are selected. It recruits candidates through exams only, interview only, screening test and exam, or exam and interview. The selection process depends on the post offered. All the important information related to exams, results etc are available on the official website of SSC, which is the query house of many aspiring candidates. For example, the SSC typewriting exam results 2012 are out and available in the website. However, one must keep a check on this, is he/she plans to give any exam conducted by Staff Selection Commission. Personal notifications are not provided, unless you are special case.

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