The flood lights are known as flood lights as they have a wide illumination range and flood the targeted area with immense light. They are extensively broad beamed and produce very high intensity of artificial light. They are being used for illumination of the outdoor playgrounds and stadiums. You may even use them in the stage for highlighting the specific performances such as the concerts or plays.

These days they also find their use in the petrol and fuel stations where they are highly effective for producing wider illumination. It is due to these LEDs that the games are being scheduled even after the sunset! The evening or the night matches suit the spectators’ vision and allow the players to play with ease. While some sports ground have permanent lights some prefer using the portable ones!

  • Flood light: Types!
  • The most commonly used ones are the metal halide lamps. They emit bright white light which is usually of 70 – 100 lumens/watt! 
  • Sodium vapor lamps are being extensively used for sport events as they practically have a very high lumen of 80 – 150 lumens/watt.
  • LED floodlights are the eco friendly and cost effective versions of the normal flood lights. These are highly advantageous and have a relatively longer lifespan! Their power consumption is too low and unlike other lights they do not require any ‘warm up’ time.
  • You might have had heard of the sport named: Polo, according to sources, it was the first game that was ever played under the stadium flood light! It took place in Fulham, London, England against the club named Hurlingham Club.
  • Initially the games were played under the bright sunlight during the daylight, but with the advent of these lights, the games started to be scheduled both during the daylight and even after sunset! Several football matches in Australia were being held under the illumination of the electrical lights.
  • Cricket, first ever to be played under the flood lights was back in the 1950s! Since it the national game of England, it was the first to take this step. Now the flood lights are being used for both domestic as well as the international matches. Some cricket stadiums have lowly mounted or high mounted LED flood lights to ensure proper illumination in the wee hours.
  • Flood lights and light pollution:
  • With the use of LED flood lights you can greatly reduce the light pollution. These are efficient lightings that produce relatively low carbon emissions. They are low wattage and require much lesser maintenance than the other types of light.

Flood lights can also be used for general lighting purposes such as in the headlights of vehicles! You may even use them in parking lots and many other domestic and commercial places. These lights help to provide a uniform flow of light to larger areas and so are quite convenient. More and more people must make use of these flood lights as they are highly advantageous and will also help you save a lot on your electricity bills!

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