Staff augmentation for a leading utility provider

Budget Thuis and Globaldev Group have been working together for almost ten years. When we started, the request was to use our extensive talent database to recruit and interview an additional team member to strengthen the client's existing team. We've been steadily striving to expand the current team since 2014, and we now have 35+ team members.

Budget Thuis initially entered the Dutch energy market as an economical provider of gas and electricity.
However, they revolutionized the Dutch market, with their “Everything under one roof” concept, demonstrating that combining multiple services could be both cost-effective and beneficial for consumers.

At present, the company offers three service package types: Budget All-in-1 (internet, TV, and calling), Budget Energy (electricity and gas), and Budget Mobile (SIM). The user gets an extra monthly savings when they bundle these packages.

The company’s effective use of technological advancements, in collaboration with our services at Globaldev, is also evident by the reliability and speed of their services.

Globaldev not only assisted Budget Thuis in assembling a global development team, but we also had experience managing a group that was distributed all over the world. In order to solve the issues and make sure their staff is effective, engaged, and productive, we included HR best practices. Along with forming a team, we were responsible for establishing inter-team communication and enhancing leadership abilities so that team leads could encourage, motivate, and direct others. Currently, there are four different nationalities in the Budget Thuis development team. They are a committed team focused on streaming operations through Budget Thuis digital projects, despite being transnational and multilingual. Learn more about this case study.

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