Peer to Peer lending platforms offers advantages and disadvantages to both borrowers and investors.

For borrowers, P2P lending can be a convenient and potentially faster way to secure a loan, as the application process is often streamlined and decisions can be made more quickly than with traditional lenders.

In addition, P2P loans may have lower interest rates than those offered by banks or other financial institutions, making them more affordable for borrowers. For investors, P2P lending can provide an opportunity to earn higher returns on their investments than they might receive through traditional savings or investment options.

Let's take a closer look at Tarya.

Tarya is an Israeli company that leverages fintech technology.

Tarya operates an advanced technology platform that brings borrowers and lenders together without the banks in the middle.

Tarya develops innovative solutions that enable customers to fully utilize their financial abilities and control their financial future. P2P investments (social loans) and consumer loans that do not tap out the individual’s credit facility and mortgages.

Tarya is a pioneer and a leader in the oversight and regulation revolution in the P2P loan market. Tarya’s activity has been regulated by the Israel Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority since February 2018. In June 2021, it received a license from the Capital Market Authority.

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