When is the last time you took the time to look through a stained glass window?

Think of the different colors and reflections, the way that every time you look at it, through it you see something different. When the sunlight hits these colors, the various color areas presenting a different perspective every time you glance at it. Even when you focus on it for minutes, hours.. it keeps changing on you… it keeps revealing new sites, new ideas, new thoughts. Do you remember high school? The physics experiments with a glass cube that was hit by a single line of light? The various colors it exposed had you stunned.

Now think about this stain glass window… in an old house or in a church.. every time a ray of sun fall into that glass you are stunned, year after year.

Then think about how it changes when the moon light shines on it. Once more all different revelations and all are so powerful you can get absorbed in it.

The question is though: is the glass changing? Are you changing? Is anything changing? Your perspective is changing meaning your understanding of what you see is changing every time you look at it. Just when you think you understand you don’t. Then what? What can you do at that time, once again you look at it in awe trying to comprehend the complex simplicity of what you are witnessing and your role in it. It is like a magnet continuously drawing you close to it, to study it, then to just look at it.

Do you trust the glass? Do you trust the stream of light? Do you trust your interpretation? Do you trust yourself? Can you just accept this stain glass with all its varieties, its beauty, and mysticism and relax while admiring it? Maybe yes, maybe no… but think about it… think about it hard.

Then take the next step: Multi-colored, multi-shaped, special, beautiful, unique every time – based on trust …acting like a magnet; what does that remind you of?


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Natalie Kimbrough is an intuitive medium, Reiki Master Teacher, and spiritual counselor. She is dedicated to helping others on their life journeys with love and compassion. Always having felt a deep connection with the spiritual or metaphysical realms she is stepping forward in her own right, while being dedicated to her daily spiritual practices for an even deeper understanding the interconnectedness of all things.