2013 is a stone’s throw away.

The murmurings of resolutions for the new year are beginning to make themselves heard.

How many of us promise life changing resolutions, only to have them abandoned by February? Admittedly change is not always easily achieved.

In the dance world our time is limited. The dance schools are churning out ever younger bodies primed in technical excellence, hungry for professional acclaim. And so it should be. Years of sacrifice and discipline merit the rewards of success.

But does the entertainment industry always play fair? There are those who seemingly float unfettered from one good opportunity to another. But there are those who, with the best will in the world seemingly stumble at every hurdle.

Having run the studio for over 15 years, I have witnessed a fair number of auditions, ( not to mention my personal salad day trials). There are characteristics that are constant. There are those who are standard, but there are those who effortlessly stand out. The latter are beguiling, and yet the former challenge your memory as to whether they participated at all!

The dancers body is an instrument that is fine tuned over several years ( if not decades). It is the diligence of the activities off stage that nurtures the spectacle of beauty on stage.

But we don’t all share the same levels of self motivation. Some need support to thrive and flourish. Like the alarm clock in the morning we need to be borne along by something or somebody external to ourselves. Replicating the same behaviours that lead to failure is foolhardy. Seeking help to achieve success is common sense.

Happy New Year.

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Author's Bio: 

Judy John-Baptiste, has been the managing director of The Basement Dance studio in North London for over fifteen years. She studied dance formally at Trinity Laban Centre and gained a masters in Performance Art At Middlesex University. Her general education was completed at Surrey where she acquired a post graduate certificate of education . She has a diploma in professional life coaching.

I have worked as a dancer, teacher and choreographer . Managing the Studio for over 15 years has given me a wealth of experience in working with a wide range of personalities .This background has enriched my understanding of people. Running the studio has been an ideal learning ground for professional performance coaching .