Many people are searching for a way to improve work-situations, or to start a business. You may be one of them. Let's find our if Hypnosis is right for you.

Do you enjoy working with people, and do you have a sense that the Mind creates the Reality that we experience in our Lives? And that by changing the mind, we can change the experience? That's really what we accomplish in Hypnotherapy. And if you are also someone who would like to help other people to achieve their dreams, please read on.

In Hypnosis, we have the pleasure of helping other people to get what they want,and in doing so, we get what we want. A fulfilling career, a great income, and the time to play outside the workplace.


1. wants to help others.

2. has good communications skills.

3. inspires trust.

4. has a pleasant voice.

5. has a HS diploma or more education.

6. can find time to be trained.

If you feel that the above statements apply to you, Congratulations !! You may be perfectly suited to a career in Hypnotherapy !

In a full-time Hypnotherapy practice, you may see 10-20 people per week. You willspend 20-30 hours weekly helping your clients to achieve their dreams, earning in excess of $700. per week. This figure will vary based on the location of your practice; in many metropolitan areas, you will earn more.

You will enjoy many of the same benefits that your clients enjoy. Greater relaxation, a sense of well-being,and a sense of doing work that has value and purpose. Every time you help a client to stop smoking, you are adding 5-7 healthy years to his life, and saving him an average of $2000. per year for the rest of his life. And you are accomplishing this astonishing feat in an average of 2.5 sessions !!

If this sounds good to you, then perhaps it's time to consider a career in Hypnotherapy !! Dr. Starr can be contacted at 800-898-4042 or Please visit our website at

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Jo Ana Starr Ph.D. is the Director of the New England Isntitute of Hypnotherapy. She has been involved in creating and implementing Holistic training programs since 1985. NEIH provides quality affordable Hypnotherapy Certification training progrms, and specializes in Award-winning Distance Learning Hypnotherapy Certification programs.