Quality food is the only way to energize the body because it contains all the essential nutrients that are required for performing the daily activities. Therefore, we are here to provide you certain tips for cooking that will surely help in maintaining the quality of the food. Before cutting and peeling the vegetables, they should be washed thoroughly to preserve the water soluble Vitamins. The potatoes and eggplant should be soaked to prevent the discoloration. The water which is used to boil cereals and vegetables should be utilized for cooking as it contains all the essential nutrients present in the food stuff.

A little lemon juice should be applied on the cut apple to make it appear fresh for a longer duration. To avoid tears while cutting onions, peel it off and soak it in water for few minutes in two pieces.

Apart from the precautions that are necessary while peeling and cutting the vegetables, there are certainly more cooking tips which are as follows:

• The oil in which the vegetable is to be cooked should be heated well before adding any seasonings.

• The sticking of masala on the cooking pan depicts inefficient oil. Hence, add some more.

• Coconut when used with masala, should not be heated for a longer period of time.

• To prevent the stickiness while cooking potato tikki, keep the potato’s in the refrigerator for some time. This will help the starch to settle down.

• The mustard oil should smoke till the time white fumes emerge from it. This will remove the potency from the oil.

• A little corn flour added to pakodas keeps it crisp.

• To cook meat, a deep pan can be used. This enables a quick fry without splashing the stove with meat juice and fats.

• Instead of oil, use ghee or vanaspathi as it does not stick to the vegetables.

• The ground masala retains the best taste and flavor when coked at the low flame.

• A little sugar added to gravy makes it tastier.

• Never put garlic or cardamom in the hot oil without peeling. It might pop up and cause serious burns.

You may also use a stainless steel cookware as it ensures your liberty to provide the desired amount of heat to food. You are also able to cook food evenly with your stainless steel cookware.

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