Starting up brings with it lots of excitement and freshness. There are plenty of great ideas, plans, and opportunities to explore and implement. Everyone involved is pumped up to get started and conquer the business world.
Some entrepreneurs get a little too excited and make pretty big blunders, though. These blunders are not evident in the beginning but they become huge problems in the later stage. Experts say that startups make a few huge mistakes in the first year itself and these mistakes impact the overall growth. If you have just started or are planning to start some time soon, take a cue, and avoid these mistakes.

Running to the Press too Soon
Looking for press. Why, now? Press should come much later when you have established yourself. How would it be if an article about you appeared and in a few months you fail? That’d be downright embarrassing. Don’t do that. Those looking for financers could use press. Otherwise, it is not needed initially.

Being the Only One
You simply can’t do it alone! Startup is a huge responsibility and even though you think that you have it in you to do everything by yourself, you will reach saturation point way too soon. You need a reliable co-founder or an advisor so that the workload is balanced and you are not burdened too much. Startups can be tedious for sure and there is simply no need to do everything on your own.

Being Too Many
Like they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. All best friends coming together to start a company seems like a beautiful idea but things are not always so rosy. If four of you are going start a company, you should realize that you would have only twenty-five percent of the shares to begin with! Plus, four people can easily frustrate everyone with difference of opinion and different thoughts on how to run a business.

Some ideas work and some ideas don’t work. They may seem excellent initially but they end up not working. The mistake that most people make is that they quit their existing jobs in their quest to start off on their own. When the idea fails, they are left absolutely nowhere. You should, thus, never give up on your job unless you start off and it works.

Bad Communication
Proper communication is vital. Poor communication has ruined businesses. This is why you should focus on communication right from day one. You should be easily reachable and your communication doors should always be open. Also, learn how to talk professionally. Otherwise, you will never be able to make business relationships.

These mistakes are committed way too often, by way too many people. Avoid them.

Entrepreneurial Learning
When you startup, you should make sure you don’t let your enthusiasm get the better of you. Be focused and avoid certain mistakes that have led to the downfall of other startups. You will then get the right head start.

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